Why Is Jesus Different? (Video)

Greg explains how and why Jesus stands apart from other religious leaders.



00:06 So my question here is, "Why is Jesus different from other religious leaders?"

00:12 And frankly, I thought the question was going to be, "How is Jesus different from

00:17 other religious leaders?" So let me deal with the first question first, and it's

00:20 very easy to answer. Why is He different? Because no other

00:25 religious leader did what was adequate to do to rescue men from their problem.

00:33 All other religious leaders, in one way or another, describe for you a rescue

00:43 plan that you can implement and rescue yourself before God. Do this, this, this,

00:51 this, this, whatever it happens to be. Do good, do these spiritual asanas, if you're

00:58 an eastern religion, do these behaviors, rescue yourself. In the Christian story

01:05 of reality, which is the true story of reality, God rescues man. Man does not

01:13 rescue himself. Why doesn't he rescue himself? Because he

01:17 cannot rescue himself. The problem – and you've got to get the problem right

01:23 to know what the right rescue is, right? Okay, and the problem is is that man has

01:28 rebelled against God, he is guilty of sedition against his Sovereign, and he

01:33 owes God. He must pay a debt just like anybody who commits a crime has to pay

01:40 their debt to society. We use the same language. So there's a debt that is owed.

01:45 How do we pay? Well, we pay by God casting us out from His presence for ever. Ruined

01:56 for relationship with Him forever. And when we were made to be with God in

02:02 friendship with Him, and we are cast away from His presence forever, we will be ruined

02:09 for our original purpose, and that will be Hell. Okay, so that's the problem. How

02:16 do we get rescued from that? We can't pay the debt. Someone else pays it. Who pays

02:22 it? The only one who can pay it. God pays the debt. He becomes a man Himself in the

02:28 person of Jesus of Nazareth, lives the life that we should have lived but

02:32 didn't, and then dies the death that we deserve, but He rescues us from. So why is

02:42 Jesus different? Because the other people could not do what needs to be done. How

02:48 is He different? He's the god-man. He's the only one who did what needs to be

02:56 done. The way I like to put it is the reason Jesus is the only way of

03:02 salvation is that He's the only one who solved the problem. That is why He is

03:10 different, and that is also how He is different.             

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Greg Koukl