What Is Science? Define Your Terms

Apologetics Tip #2: Alan encourages Christians to understand the two definitions of science in order to avoid confusion in conversation.

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00:04 Here's your apologetics tip of the day.

00:07 Don't be confused by the two definitions of science.

00:10 You see the first meaning of science defines science as a methodology.

00:14 You know, like observation, experiments, testing, and discovering facts about the natural world.

00:20 Now, that definition is totally legitimate.

00:22 Sometimes, though, someone will slip in a different meaning to the word science by defining

00:27 it as the philosophy of naturalism.

00:30 The idea that nature is all there is.

00:32 Now, that definition is controversial because it allows the person defining it that way

00:37 to disqualify Christian beliefs as unscientific since our faith accepts the reality of an

00:43 immaterial world.

00:45 So whenever you come across the word science, be aware that they could be smuggling in the

00:49 definition of naturalism to gain an unfair advantage in their case against your faith.

00:55 That's your apologetics tip of the day.

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Alan Shlemon