Unbelievable Unbelief

Greg explains how skeptics often overestimate themselves when it comes to making requests of God. 

0:00 Sometimes we need to be careful that we

0:03 don't overestimate the power of evidence

0:06 in somebody's life, and here's what I

0:08 mean. It's not unusual for a skeptic to

0:11 say, "Look, if God would just appear to

0:13 me or do some dramatic miracle in front

0:16 of my eyes, then I would go to God," that

0:19 kind of thing. But I think they may

0:20 overestimate their willingness to

0:23 do that. People sometimes are so set in

0:28 their own views that even if something

0:31 powerful and dramatic happens, they still

0:34 won't change it. And this happened in

0:36 Jesus' life. You remember, at the end of

0:37 His life, just at the beginning of passion

0:39 week,

0:40 Lazarus died, and Jesus makes this trip

0:42 to Bethany. Lazarus is out, he's three days

0:45 in the grave, and He does this

0:47 spectacular miracle and raises him from

0:50 the dead. Calls him forth from the grave,

0:53 and what is the response of the

0:56 non-believing Jewish leadership to this

0:58 unbelievable miracle? Many did believe,

1:01 but when it came to this particular

1:03 group of people, here's how they

1:04 responded. They said, "We've got to do

1:07 something about this Jesus because if He

1:09 keeps doing all of these miracles, people

1:13 will believe in Him, and the Romans will

1:15 come in and take away our nation and our

1:17 situation, and we can't have that." Notice

1:20 what they said: "If He keeps doing all of

1:22 these miracles..." In other words, they

1:24 acknowledged this tremendous miracle

1:27 that He just performed. And so instead of

1:30 dropping to their knees,

1:32 they said we've got to get rid of this

1:33 guy, and they stepped up their plotting

1:36 to kill Jesus. But it wasn't just Jesus.

1:39 Lazarus was walking, breathing evidence

1:43 of Jesus' messianic power, and so they had

1:47 to get rid of Lazarus too. And there in

1:51 the next chapter, John chapter 12, you see

1:54 them plotting to kill Lazarus. Now, I call

1:57 this unbelievable unbelief. There was the

2:01 evidence right there before them.

2:04 Lazarus was alive. And instead of

2:07 responding and putting their trust in

2:10 God's Messiah, they wanted to kill

2:12 Lazarus

2:13 as well. For the person who says, "Look it,

2:16 if God just does some dramatic miracle

2:20 I'll go to God," don't count on it. If God

2:23 appeared to them, they probably, as one

2:25 wag put it, wouldn't go to God, they'd go to

2:28 a psychiatrist. The sun softens butter,

2:33 but it hardens clay.

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Greg Koukl