Set a Modest Goal When Talking to Non-Christians

Apologetics Tip #6: Alan encourages Christians not to stress about getting to the Gospel in every conversation with non-believers. Instead, aim to put a stone in their shoe.

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Today's apologetic tip of the day is: set a modest goal when talking to

non-christians. You see, too often we feel guilty that we didn't bring up the

Gospel in a conversation with our non-christian friends. And now, while the

Gospel is great to share, make a more modest and more achievable goal. Try to

put a stone in their shoe. You know when you get a stoning shoe, you're kind of

reminded of it every time you walk because it keeps poking you in the sole

of your foot. Well in a similar way, try to offer your friend an intriguing

thought or a gentle challenge to their view that you can leave with them after

you've walked away. That way, maybe the Holy Spirit can use that, what you said,

to poke them in their soul and change their thinking. Of course, if you have the

opportunity to share the Gospel then of course, go for it. But if not, make a more

modest goal to put a stone in their shoe. That's your apologetics tip of the day.

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Alan Shlemon