An Overview of the Story of Reality (Video)

Take four quick minutes and get an animated overview of my new book, The Story of Reality, with this brand new, bite-size, completely engaging motion graphic. Then forward it to all your friends (I think you’ll see why). Thanks!

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00:04 Every religion, every worldview is telling a Story. They're trying to take

00:10 the things we know about the world and fit them together into a big picture.

00:14 These religions can't all be right, of course, because each story is different

00:19 from the others. And most stories religions or philosophies tell simply

00:25 don't make sense of Reality. The pieces of their puzzles just don't fit the real

00:29 world. One story, however, stands out from all the rest. In the Christian Story, all

00:36 the puzzle pieces fit together. Perfectly. And they fit the way the world actually

00:41 is. Perfectly. This is just another way of saying the Story is true. Really true.

00:48 True in the deep sense. True in the way gravity is true. Five words describe the

00:56 plot of the true Story of reality. They tell the most important things that

01:01 happen in the order they take place. God is first in the Story since He's the

01:06 main character. He's the one the Story's all about, the King who rules His Kingdom...

01:11 The Father who loves His children. The world He created was just right, filled

01:17 with goodness and purpose. God made man to share a wonderful friendship with Him.

01:23 We are not gods, of course, but we are like God in a very special way. Deep

01:29 inside each of us is a mark – the very image of God Himself – giving every human

01:35 absolute value, deep worth, and ultimate significance. That's why every single

01:42 human being is beautiful. But there's something else. God created

01:47 us with freedom, which is a good thing. But freedom means there's a choice. If

01:54 choosing good is a possibility, then so is choosing evil. And that's what

01:59 happened. Though humans are still beautiful, we are now also broken because

02:04 we have betrayed our friendship with God. We have rebelled against our King. This

02:09 rebellion plunged man into darkness, despair, slavery, and death. And that would

02:16 have been the tragic end to our Story, if it wasn't for an amazing plot twist...God

02:21 had a rescue plan! He would come to our rescue.

02:26 He entered human history as Jesus. Jesus was God Himself, but He was also a man

02:34 just like us. Unlike us, though, He obeyed the Father in everything, yet He was

02:40 sentenced to death and brutally executed on a cross. Then, three days later, He

02:46 defeated death and decay and came to life again. Why did the innocent One die

02:52 for a crime He didn't commit? He died to pay the Father for crimes we

02:57 committed. He died to make a trade, His innocence for our guilt, His perfect

03:04 life for our broken lives. The decision we make about this trade –

03:09 whether we receive this gift or reject it – will determine what happens to each

03:14 of us at the very end of the Story, at the final resurrection. Those who remain

03:23 in rebellion will be banished from God's presence forever, experiencing only

03:27 loneliness, misery, and ruin. Those who receive the gift of God's mercy will

03:33 live in a wonderful new world with Him, knowing the kind of life our hearts have

03:38 always yearned for. We will be His, and He will be ours – forever. If you're a

03:45 Christian, then this is your story. If you're not a Christian, this is still

03:50 your story. Because this Story is not a myth created by ancient people to give a

03:56 sense of meaning to life. No. The things the Story describes

04:01 actually exist and the events in the story really happened. It's not fiction,

04:07 it's history. It's the true Story. It's the story...of Reality.


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Greg Koukl