Jesus' View on Sex and Marriage

Alan shows us where we can find Jesus' clearly-stated views on sex and marriage.


Now, this is not just some Old Testament text part of the Old Testament, you know,

that's the old stuff we don't care about it anymore.

Actually, this is reaffirmed by Jesus even in the New Testament. In fact, Jesus is

asked a question about the nature of sex, and marriage, and divorce, and listen to

how Jesus answers His accusers, alright? He says this, "Have you not read that He

(meaning God) who created them from the beginning," and now notice the words that

are in all caps, Jesus is now quoting the Genesis

account of creation. He says, "God made them male and female and said, 'For this

reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife, and

the two will become one flesh.'" So Jesus quotes the Genesis account of creation,

because He thinks it's authoritative and still valid, and then he adds His own

commentary. Notice He says, "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore

God has joined together, let no one separate." Notice Jesus says God has

joined these two together. In other words, when it comes to sex and marriage, it's a

God-ordained institution. That's Jesus' view. In fact, to summarize Jesus' view, He

believes when it comes to the subject of sex and marriage, it's about one man, with

one woman, becoming one flesh, for one lifetime.

That's Jesus' view. And the reason I emphasize it's Jesus's view is because a

lot of people are kind of ambivalent about what they think about Christians

or the church, but they think Jesus is kind of cool. Well guess what – on Jesus'

view on the question of marriage alone, this is his view. One man, one woman,

becoming one flesh, for one lifetime. By the way, this male-female coupling – this

capacity for a male and a female to come together and create a one-flesh union –

they are the only couple, they are the only pair of people that's ever

described in all of Scripture as being capable of creating a one-flesh union. No

other group, no other pair of people is ever described as being able

to do that except for a man and a woman. So notice then, if sex can only occur

between a married man and a woman...I should say is permitted to occur.

Obviously, it can occur, but according to God's standards, it should only occur

between a married man and a woman. Then notice, all other forms of sexuality are

not permitted. If sex can only occur between a married man and a woman, then

any other type of sexual behavior is going to be outside of God's purposes

whether we're talking about sex before marriage, we might call that fornication,

homosexual sex, adultery, meaning sex outside of marriage, incest, rape,

bestiality, notice every single type of sexual activity, with the exception of a

married man and woman, is going to be considered sin.

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Alan Shlemon