Hitler and Mother Teresa

If neither Hitler nor Mother Teresa were Christians, would they both suffer the same fate?



0:01 So here's a question for you: Would

0:03 Hitler and Mother Teresa suffer the same

0:07 fate if they were not Christians?

0:10 Now don't answer too quickly, think about

0:13 it. In a way it's a trick question because

0:15 the answer is no and yes, depending. No,

0:19 because they won't suffer the same fate

0:22 because each will answer for different

0:24 crimes, Hitler for his and Mother Teresa

0:27 for hers, such as they are. We're all

0:29 sinners and some much greater sinners,

0:31 and the much greater sinners are going

0:33 to get much greater punishment. Jesus

0:34 made this clear. And the lesser sinners

0:38 will get lesser punishment, but they will

0:40 get punished. And see, that's the other

0:43 side of the coin. Yes, they would suffer a

0:46 same fate, that is, banishment from God

0:49 for eternity apart from Christ because

0:54 of their sin against Him. Now, the

0:56 banishment has different degrees of

0:57 suffering, that was my first point, but the

1:00 banishment would still happen because

1:03 everyone would have to answer for their

1:06 crimes before God in the final judgement,

1:09 and this is not going to be a pretty

1:10 picture.

1:11 The way I've been thinking about it

1:13 lately is that Christianity has the

1:15 absolute worst news, and we have the

1:19 absolute best news. Because the bad news

1:22 is so bad, the good news is so good. And

1:28 Jesus Himself, for the sake of us,

1:33 surrendered all the good things He had

1:36 to come down from Heaven, be here, walk

1:40 with us, be a servant, die the death of

1:42 the common criminal, so that we could

1:44 walk with Him and be rescued from the

1:46 bad news. The good news is good

1:50 because the bad news is really bad.


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Greg Koukl