Is God Unfair?

Greg offers his perspective on the fairness of God. 



00:07 You know Americans have a very refined sense of fair treatment.

00:10 In their view, everybody's gotta get exactly the same

00:13 or it just ain't fair.

00:15 And then, when they become Christians, or when they think

00:19 about Christianity, they want to transfer that notion to God.

00:21 And they think well God has got to treat

00:24 everyone equally in order for

00:27 Him to be fair.

00:29 I don't think fairness is a value

00:32 that is part of the

00:35 divine character. O.K.? Nor, need it be.

00:39 In fact, I don't think it's even required of us.

00:41 Look it, if you do a buddy a favor,

00:43 or even somebody you don't know a favor,

00:46 do you have some kind of moral obligation to do

00:49 everybody who comes along the exact same

00:52 favor? No. I think you have a sense

00:55 that your favor can be given freely

00:58 as you will which is why it's called

01:01 "your favor" and not "your obligation."

01:04 You're not obliged to treat everyone exactly the same.

01:09 And God is in the same circumstance and I actually know this

01:11 for a fact because Jesus told a parable

01:14 that made precisely this point. You might recall about

01:17 the workers that came in at different times during the day

01:20 and one person came in early in the day, another person came in

01:23 right at the end of the day and did very little work

01:26 but got paid the same

01:28 as the person who worked all day long.

01:30 And of course, the person who worked all day long

01:33 complained that that's not fair.

01:35 And Jesus said this, essentially,

01:38 "Can't I do what I want with what

01:42 is mine? Didn't I pay you what we

01:46 agreed to pay you? Are you bothered now

01:48 because I am generous to someone else?"

01:52 The lesson here is that God can do

01:54 what He wants with His generosity.

01:58 His grace, His kindness, His love,

02:02 His forgiveness, His mercy is all an element

02:06 of His generosity and there is

02:09 no obligation on God's

02:12 part at all.

02:14 Rather, He gives as He wills according

02:17 to the kind intention of His will as Paul put it

02:20 in Ephesians chapter 1.

02:22 That's what grace is.

02:25 Undeserved, unrequired,

02:29 unmerited favor of God.

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Greg Koukl