Is Faith A Feeling?

Tim explains that although faith and feelings might be related, they're actually two different things.



00:08 Is faith a feeling?

00:10 Well faith properly understood is not a feeling.

00:13 Faith on my view is active trust based on evidence.

00:17 Now faith can effect how we're feeling.

00:20 For example, my trust in my wife can effect feelings of happiness and thankfulness and

00:26 hypothetically if my wife did something to cause mistrust, it might generate feelings

00:31 of sadness and betrayal.

00:33 So faith and feelings are related, but they're two different things.

00:37 Faith informs our feelings.

00:39 I think I know where this question is coming from, though.

00:42 You see, some people base their faith on feelings.

00:46 At least, that's the way it appears.

00:48 It makes them feel good so to them, it must be true and worthy of trust.

00:53 I think this is really dangerous.

00:56 Feelings are fickle.

00:57 They change from day to day or hour to hour.

00:59 If feeling good makes something true, then what happens when you feel bad?

01:04 Does then it become false?

01:07 I like the way Ben Shapiro puts it.

01:09 He says, "facts don't care about you're feelings," and he's right.

01:13 Think about a young boy who's mad at his father, so he climbs into bed, pulls the covers over

01:18 his head, and says, "I don't like you, so you don't exist anymore."

01:22 His feelings don't change reality.

01:25 If feelings don't inform faith, then what does?

01:29 Well biblical faith is informed by evidence.

01:31 Jesus said, "Even though you don't believe me, believe the works."

01:36 What works was He talking about?

01:37 The blind were seeing.

01:39 The lame were walking.

01:40 The deaf were hearing.

01:41 The dead were rising.

01:43 He's saying believe based on the objective evidence.

01:46 Emotions can be unreliable guides to truth, but evidence doesn't lie.

01:52 So feelings follow faith, and faith follows facts.

01:56 For instance, my wife tells me daily that she loves me and does all kinds of things

02:01 to show me.

02:02 Those are the facts.

02:04 These facts and others form the basis of my faith in her.

02:08 it's out of that faith that flows feelings of joy and love and safety.

02:13 There are facts about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ that inform the basis

02:17 of my faith in Christ.

02:19 And out of that faith comes feelings of gratitude, humility, joy, and hope.

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Tim Barnett