Do This before Responding to Views You Oppose

Apologetics Tip #4: Alan reminds Christians of an important way to be kind and winsome before expressing an opposing view.

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Today's apologetics tip of the day is to seek to understand before you respond.

You see, too often we respond to a challenge to our view or a concern in

our culture before we've taken the time to accurately understand it. And so we

end up mischaracterizing the other position, which, by the way, is also known

as creating a straw man, or just simply not addressing the real concern. And

that's why we should take time to slow down, listen to the view, ask thoughtful

questions so that we understand the other position. And while the other

person is explaining their view, by the way, don't be thinking of your response.

Just focus on their view and their explanation of it. They'll appreciate the

effort you make at understanding them, and you'll create a more winsome

environment for engaging each other's ideas.

That's your apologetics tip of the day.

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Alan Shlemon