The Counter-Cultural Definition of Faith

Tim gives a helpful analogy for biblical faith.


Here's a good illustration. I want you to imagine you're standing at the edge of

Niagara Falls. Anyone been to Niagara Falls? I live about an hour and a half

drive from Niagara Falls, okay? This is a magnificent waterfall. I want you to

imagine that you're watching this man named Charles Blondin, true story, and he

was hired by the falls to actually walk across a tightrope and entertain

those coming to see the falls. And he'd do different tricks. And one of the tricks

he would do is he would fill a wheelbarrow full of rocks, and he would

walk–no safety harness–across this tight rope from one side to the other.

And let's imagine you're standing there. You're watching him do it, and you see

him do it once, twice, five times, ten times, twenty times in a row, and he sees you

watching him. And so he comes over to you and he says, "Do you have faith that I

could do it again?" So you said, "Of course I have faith you could do it again. I've

seen you do it like 20 times in a row." And then he takes the wheelbarrow, dumps

the rocks out, and says, "Okay, hop in." Now who's got faith that he could do it

again, right? That's biblical faith. Biblical faith–

write this down–biblical faith is active trust based on evidence.

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Tim Barnett