Christmas Reflections

00:00 We're into the Christmas season now. What's meaningful to you when you think

00:04 about celebrating the birth of Christ? Well, I'm in awe of the incarnation of

00:10 Christ for me. And I see this depicted in Philippians 2 where Christ is said to

00:16 not consider equality with God something be grasped. Rather, He empties Himself.

00:20 He becomes a man. And not just a man, He becomes a servant. And not just

00:24 a servant, He's willing to die. And not just die, but die on the cross like a

00:29 common criminal. It's amazing. I have the same feeling. It reminds me of the hymn

00:34 "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem." The hopes and the fears of all the years are met

00:39 in thee tonight. And the hope is that God came down. God's rescue plan is to rescue

00:45 us, we don't rescue ourselves. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. God with

00:50 us. Emmanuel. That's the hope of Christmas.

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