Is Christianity a Science Stopper?

Is Christianity a science stopper or the modern science starter? Tim takes a look at what the history of science demonstrates.


00:00 There is this ridiculous idea floating around that Christianity is a science

00:04 stopper. Of course, the history of science demonstrates just the opposite.

00:12 Some people have the mistaken idea that belief in God is a science stopper. If

00:16 you believe in the Christian God or believe the Bible, then it will stop, or

00:20 at least hinder, the progress of science. The simplest way to deal with this

00:25 challenge is to look at the history of modern science. History reveals that the

00:30 monotheistic Christian worldview gave rise to modern science.

00:34 Why was modern science birthed in the West and yet still born in the East? What

00:39 was so special about the West? Well first, they believed that the

00:43 universe was orderly and intelligible because they believed in an orderly and

00:48 intelligible being who created and sustains the universe. Here's how C.S.

00:53 Lewis put it, "Men became scientific because they expected law in nature, and

00:57 they expected law in nature because they believed in a law giver." Just who were

01:02 these original men of science who believed in a law giver? Well, the list is

01:07 almost endless. It was people like Francis Bacon, Galileo, Kepler, Blaise

01:12 Pascal, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Gregor Mendel, Louie Pasteur, Lord Kelvin, James


Clerk Maxwell, the list goes on and on. Second, they believed that studying

01:24 creation would help them better understand and give glory to the God who

01:28 made it. For example, the Christian astronomer

01:32 Johannes Kepler, he discovered the laws of planetary motion. Here's what he said,

01:36 "I was merely thinking God's thoughts after Him. Since we astronomers are

01:42 priests of the highest God in regard to the book of nature, it benefits us to be

01:47 thoughtful, not to the glory of our own minds, but rather, above all else, the

01:52 glory of God." James Clerk Maxwell, who gave us Maxwell's equations and

01:56 described how electricity and magnetism are related,

02:00 he had an inscription carved into the Cavendish laboratory doors at Cambridge

02:05 University. It said, "Great are the works of the Lord

02:09 studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2." For these men, God was the

02:16 inspiration for their science, not a hindrance to it. Christianity and belief

02:20 in God are not science stoppers. In fact, they were the modern science starters.

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Tim Barnett