Arguments Don't Have to Be Argumentative

Apologetics Tip #1: Alan explains how to argue cordially and effectively. 

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00:05 Today's apologetic tip of the day is to remember that arguments don't have to be

00:09 argumentative. An argument is composed of two things: your point of view and

00:14 evidence or reason to back it up. Now, we make arguments all the time about,

00:19 you know, what we want to eat, or what couch to buy, and usually we're not being

00:24 argumentative when we make them. We're just explaining our view and

00:28 giving a reason for it. Now, arguments about morality and

00:31 religion should be exactly the same. We can make a case for our moral or

00:35 religious convictions by stating our view and providing evidence for it, and

00:39 we don't have to be aggressive, harsh, or mean about it. And that way, we come

00:44 across as a winsome and gracious ambassador for Christ.

00:47 That's your apologetics tip of the day.

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Alan Shlemon