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Abortion and Homicide

Greg explains how those with a pro-life view are more in line with the laws of California and other states than many may think.   Transcript: 0:00 In the abortion debate, it is not unusual 0:04 for pro-lifers sometimes to use the 0:07 word "murder" to describe abortion, and

Video | | Greg Koukl | May 22, 2017

Hitler and Mother Teresa

If neither Hitler nor Mother Teresa were Christians, would they both suffer the same fate?   Transcript: 0:01 So here's a question for you: Would 0:03 Hitler and Mother Teresa suffer the same 0:07 fate if they were not Christians? 0:10 Now don't answer too quickly, think about

Video | | Greg Koukl | May 15, 2017

3 Things to Remember While Sharing Your Beliefs

Greg offers three tips for tactical evangelism gleaned from overhearing a conversation on a flight.    Transcript: 0:01 A couple years ago on a flight back from 0:03 the Midwest, my wife and I were listening 0:06 to a dear brother in Christ who was

Video | | Greg Koukl | May 8, 2017

Respecting the Revelation

Greg explains that getting a word from God is not a substitute for careful Bible study.   Transcript: 0:00 I want to talk with you for a quick 0:02 second about Bible study. You know, some 0:04 people think that getting a word from 0:06 God directly through the Holy Spirit

Video | | Greg Koukl | May 1, 2017

Is Christianity Based on Threats?

Greg responds to the claim that Christianity uses scare tactics in order to convert people. Transcript: 0:00 Have you ever heard this challenge: 0:02 "Christianity is based on threats." l 0:06 have, and I guess initially it sounds 0:09 hard to answer because, what is the

Video | | Greg Koukl | April 17, 2017

The Question That Stops Christians in Their Tracks

Greg explains how to rephrase the question that stops Christians in their tracks. Transcript: 0:01 In your conversations with other people 0:06 about Christ and and Christianity and 0:09 the real important things, you are going 0:12 to encounter what I call THE question.

Video | | Greg Koukl | March 27, 2017

Taking Jesus at Face Value

Coming to believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God by letting Jesus speak for Himself. Transcript: 0:01 I wanna talk about a flashpoint right 0:06 now and a workaround for it about something we 0:10 probably encounter when we're talking to 0:12 other people about our convictions and

Video | | Greg Koukl | March 20, 2017

Presenting Christianity in a Thoughtful Way

Greg “puts a stone in the shoe” of 400 college students. Transcript: 0:01 I'd like to offer you a simple goal to 0:07 consider whenever you're having a 0:08 conversation with someone that you 0:11 hope might have spiritual consequences 0:14 in their life.

Video | | Greg Koukl | March 13, 2017

A Bedtime Story from a Materialist

Greg shares an example of a time he used the Columbo tactic, “What do you mean by that?"   Transcript: 0:01 A foundational principle of the tactical 0:06 approach is that when other people 0:08 make a claim, especially if it's 0:11 controversial. It is not our job to

Video | | Greg Koukl | March 6, 2017

The Witch in Wisconsin

Greg shares how to use tactics to make a case for life. Transcript: 0:01 I'd like to give you an illustration to 0:06 show the power of the tactical approach 0:09 and also the power of of aiming to just 0:11 try to put a stone in someone's shoe. It

Video | | Greg Koukl | February 27, 2017