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Brett Kunkle

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I grew up in a Christian home. I came to Christ at five and was baptized at six. My family was very committed to the local church. I was a leader in my youth group and a ministry intern as a senior in high school. I had plans to serve God in vocational ministry.

But then I met Dr. David Lane.

It was my freshman year in college and the course was Philosophy 101. Dr. Lane systematically dismantled the Christianity I grew up with. In class. In front of everyone. And I was not ready.

Neither are most of our young people.

Now you know why I am so passionate about training the next generation. I’m preparing students so they will be equipped to face their own Dr. Lane. High schoolers, college students, and yes, even wild little junior highers. I’m not just training students but parents and leaders too, those who are responsible for teaching our youth.

So check out some of the unique work I’ve been doing with adults and students. And let’s partner very soon. 


Brett Kunkle is the Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason. He is passionate about seeing students and adults “transformed by the renewing of their minds.” Brett has more than 18 years of experience working with junior high, high school, and college students. He spent 11 of those years as a pastor to students and young adults at Chino Valley Community Church in Southern California and Creekside Church in Colorado.

A dynamic communicator who engages both heart and mind, Brett speaks to thousands of students and adults at churches, conferences, and college campuses across the country. He has worked with such groups as Summit Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, InterVarsity, Saddleback Church, and Biola University. Brett has participated in debates and public forums on secular university campuses, and he is a regular speaker at the Evangelical Philosophical Society’s annual apologetics conference. In addition, Brett was a contributor to the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, has a chapter on truth in Apologetics for a New Generation, and wrote the Ambassador’s Guide to Mormonism. He has been interviewed on radio and television, and has been a guest host for Stand to Reason's weekly radio show.
Brett has developed a groundbreaking approach to mission trips, creating a one-of-a-kind training experience that immerses participants in real-life apologetics, theology, and evangelism. He orchestrates interactive trips to Berkeley California, Boulder Colorado, and to various parts of Utah where participants are equipped to engage atheists, Mormons, university students, and other non-believers.
Brett received his bachelor's degree in Christian education from Biola University. He has his master's degree in philosophy of religion and ethics at Talbot School of Theology.


"Brett not only thinks critically and biblically about apologetics and vital theological topics of our day, he also has a heart and passion for youth. From that authentic passion, is able to connect with the hearts and minds of students today. This vital, as more than ever we need to train youth to see the world around them through a biblical lens."
Dan Kimball Pastor at Vintage Faith Church, author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church

"I have always been a fan of Stand to Reason and the way in which its leadership presents the Christian worldview in a winsome and attractive way. One of those leaders, Brett Kunkle, is particularly gifted in this regard. Brett’s love for Christ shines through every presentation of his with which I have come in contact, whether in person, online, or in print."
Francis J. Beckwith Professor of Philosophy & Church-State Studies, Baylor University, author of Defending Life

"Brett Kunkle has the rare ability to inform and inspire at the same time. God is using him to train and mobilize leaders throughout our nation and the resultant impact is significant. I thank God for Brett and for the eternal impact of Stand to Reason. The type of work they are doing is vital for the restoration of the Christian worldview in Western culture."
Alex McFarland President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, author of The 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity

"I've spoken for Stand to Reason [student mission trips] for years. They are an awesome group. Really smart kids. Progressive. Kind and accommodating. Their very motto is to hear out other points of view because their religion should be able to stand to reason; i.e. if they have to avoid listening to us, then their religion is probably false, ergo they should listen to us and give us a fair hearing ('us' being any non-Christians, not just atheists, and possibly Christians of diverse views, too)."
Richard Carrier Atheist advocate, writer and editor-in-chief (now emeritus) for the Secular Web, author of Sense and Goodness without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism

"Brett Kunkle brings a very rare combination of gifts to the table in training young people. He brings a deep understanding of the critical worldview issues, an ability to translate it all in an engaging way, and an overflowing love for the people he seeks to equip. It's no wonder the Lord has been able to use his teaching to impact lives in such a dramatic way."
Craig J. Hazen Professor & Director of Christian Apologetics at Biola University, author of Five Sacred Crossings

"Brett understands youth like few people today. He is able to connect with not only their hearts, but their minds. I have Brett speak at my school every year because he has a message students need to hear."
Sean McDowell High school teacher, youth speaker & apologist, author of Understanding Intelligent Design

"One is wonderfully encouraged to see young people listen intently as Brett unravels complex topics that impact their faith and their ability to interact effectively with their non-believing colleagues. Brett’s deep knowledge of relevant topics, his professional appearance and humble demeanor make him a great choice for your next event!"
Michael Licona North American Mission Board, author of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

"Brett has been an effective communicator who understands the depths of many theological and current issues and can break them down in an understandable way for our youth audience."
Mark McCallie Program Director for the JC-TV

"Brett Kunkle understands the times and youth culture. His ministry helps prepare Christian youth with the tools to live and thrive in a largely post-Christian and post-modern era."
Mike Brimmage Director of Biola University’s Youth Ministry Outreach

"Brett Kunkle has a great heart for training young people in how to listen to their peers, dissect inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and respond with truth, clarity and conviction. If invitations to come back are any indication, his work is having an impact. A big impact."
Curt Swindoll CEO of Cool Strategies

"Brett Kunkle trains Christian young people to engage the culture with powerful biblical truths. His communication skills are first rate and students connect extremely well with his message. If you are a youth pastor or student ministries leader, you absolutely should use Brett's skills equipping the next generation for Christian service."
Scott Klusendorf Founder & President of Life Training Institute

"Brett has been serving young people since he was a leader to his peers in high school. His unique ability to connect with students while equipping them for real life will encourage and strengthen any person's faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Brett is on a mission to equip the believer's mind and heart so that Christians everywhere will experience both the confidence and joy of calling themselves followers of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth."
Jim Piper Senior Pastor of Creekside Church, President of Leadership Solutions

"We had Brett Kunkle do a two-week series in our High School Ministry called [re]THINK: Why Am I a Christian? that was incredibly powerful to both tear down and rebuild the faith of our teenagers. Brett did a fantastic job helping develop a strong foundation for our students to help prepare them as they graduate high school to not graduate from their faith."
Josh Griffin High School Pastor at Saddleback Church and youth ministry blogger

"As someone who takes seriously the task of training students to influence the culture with the teachings of Jesus Christ, I am thankful to have someone like Brett Kunkle on my team. The teaching students receive through his ministry engages the mind to think clearly about the Christian faith, the heart to embrace the transformational power of the gospel, and the hands to touch the world with compassionate service."
Colby Garman Associate Pastor & Director of Youth Ministries at Stafford Baptist Church in Stafford, Virginia

"Brett Kunkle continues to work diligently to help young people across the nation better understand the truth of the Christian worldview. He is relevant, engaging and interactive, and he understands the challenges facing young Christians. Brett is gifted not only as a communicator, but as a twenty first century thinker. He helps young people understand the value of worshipping God with their mind."
Jim Wallace Senior Pastor of The Rising Tide in Mission Viejo, California, Founder of

"Brett has a passion to help Christian students add substance to their faith. Rather than entertain, he seeks to challenge. Rather than viewing students as simply incidental to the Church’s mission and program he views them as essential to its future viability."
Carmen Mayell Founder & Director of the Youth Leadership Development Project, Inc.

"I have always been challenged by Brett when he speaks. He brings a message to teens and adults that is both relevant and practical; a message that challenges us to think critically about our faith, and then put those thoughts into actions. He is a gifted communicator who is passionate about furthering the work of Christ in this culture. I would highly recommend him for your group."
Jason Andrews Pastor of Student Ministries, Chino Valley Community Church in Chino, California

"Brett Kunkle's contribution is vital because he takes our young people seriously. He knows they can make a difference if they're properly trained, and he knows how to get them into shape. Brett raises the bar without putting it out of reach. Instead of throwing candy and entertainment at them, he challenges them and equips them to be genuine disciples of Christ. He's the kind of man I want training my own kids to be ambassadors of Christ to the next generation."
Greg Koukl Author, Radio Host, Founder & President of Stand to Reason, author of Relativism

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Mission Trips Topics for adults and students Special topics for adults Seminars


Brett has developed a groundbreaking approach to mission trips, creating a one-of-a-kind training experience that immerses participants in real-life apologetics, theology, and evangelism. He orchestrates interactive trips to Berkeley, California, and to various parts of Utah where participants are equipped to engage atheists, Mormons, university students, and other non-believers.

Berkeley Mission Fact Sheet
Berkeley Mission Sample Budget
Berkeley Mission Sample Itinerary
A Glimpse into the Berkeley Mission Experience

Utah Mission Fact Sheet
Utah Mission Sample Budget
Utah Mission Sample Itinerary


Who's Waiting for You?

This talk introduces students to some of the people and ideas they will meet once they leave the safety of a Christian home, church or youth group and step onto the college campus. Are they prepared for aggressive challenges to their faith? Recent studies on youth tell us they are ill-equipped, so we will outline a strategy that prepares them for the people and ideas waiting.

Why I Am a Christian: An Introduction to Apologetics

We will examine the most common reasons Christians give for why they embrace Christianity, then we’ll examine the primary reason why we ought to embrace Christianity: because Christianity is true. We’ll clarify this controversial claim and show how the truth of religious claims must be grounded in reality. Naturally, such a claim is followed by questions of how we can know Christianity is true, so we’ll set out a cumulative case approach that takes into account the wealth of evidence for the Christian worldview.

Truth Never Gets Old

Our culture is deeply confused about truth, and our students are drowning in a sea of relativism. In this talk we'll examine the nature of truth, distinguish objective truth from subjective truth, and then test our understanding of truth. The results are eye-opening for students and adults alike. Finally, we'll examine objections to truth and discover why the truth really matters.

True for You but Not for Me?

Moral relativism is pervasive. "Whatever" is the mantra when it comes to moral choices, and it subtly erodes our confidence in God’s commands. We’ll examine moral relativism and its flaws and equip you with an understanding of how we come to know moral truth and defend it.

Only One Way? Why Jesus Is Necessary

Less than half of conservative Protestant teens and about a quarter of mainline Protestant teens believe Jesus is the only way. Christian adults don’t fare much better. We’ll examine common objections to the exclusivity of Christ’s claims and then build a careful case for Jesus as the only way to God.

Is Faith a Blind Leap?

Is faith believing even when all the evidence is against you? Does true faith have anything to do with knowledge, reason and evidence? In this talk we will examine the true nature of biblical faith and show how faith and reason go hand-in-hand.

Doubting Your Doubts: How to Deal with Doubt

Everyone doubts—it's part of being human. But doubt regarding God must be dealt with before it becomes destructive. To face the issue of our doubt head on, first we must identify the three different causes of doubt, and then we'll be able to deal with it in constructive ways that will draw us back to God.

Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Recent attacks on the reliability of the Bible threaten to undermine our confidence in the Bible as the very words of God. In this talk we’ll examine how the Bible has been transmitted, demonstrate why the Bible is the most historically reliable ancient document we have, and uncover God's divine fingerprints within the pages of this life-changing book.

Dead or Alive? The Cold, Hard Facts of Jesus' Resurrection

According to the Apostle Paul, if Jesus did not rise bodily from the grave, our faith is worthless. But is there any evidence for this historical event? We’ll examine the evidence and see that Jesus’ resurrection is fact, not fiction.

Is the Bible Intolerant?

In today’s culture, the Bible is politically incorrect. Its views on issues like homosexuality, gender and sexuality are considered outdated and intolerant. In this talk we’ll demonstrate how the accusation of intolerance is flawed in three important ways. We’ll examine the true nature of tolerance and raise the most important issue in this discussion: What is true?

Tactics in Defending the Faith

Tired of finding yourself intimidated in conversations about your faith and values? Want to increase your confidence and skill in discussions, no matter whom you're talking to? Then you need Tactics. You'll learn specific skills to help engage others in friendly conversation and be equipped to present Christ in an intelligent yet gracious way.

Mormonism 101

The maze of Mormon belief can be complicated and confusing. Where do we start when talking to our Mormons friends or family? This helpful overview will give you a brief introduction to Mormon history and will outline the most important issues to raise with Mormons. You’ll learn how to address common objections and bring the discussion back to God’s grace.

The Mormon Challenge

How well would you fare in a conversation with the Mormon at your door? Would the Mormon know his Bible better than you? Find out as Brett role plays a Mormon for your group. Drawing upon hundreds of conversations with Mormons through the years, Brett will challenge your group like never before.

Doubting Darwin: The Case Against Evolution

Where do we start in our discussions of evolution? Isn’t the evidence for evolution overwhelming? We’ll help you sort through and make sense of this controversial topic and demonstrate the scientific evidence clearly points to an Intelligent Designer.

Morality: Can We Be Good Without God?

Atheists claim we don’t need God to be moral. In this talk we’ll examine the atheist’s confusion, raise the problem of good for the atheist and show that God’s existence best explains the existence of objective moral values.

If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil?

The reality of human suffering poses the most difficult question anyone can ask about a God who is both good and powerful. If God is absolutely powerful and ultimately good, He would deal with evil. Instead, He appears too weak to oppose it or too indifferent to care, and no one can believe in a God like that. Brett answers these questions and shows that there is no contradiction. You'll also learn why the presence of evil in the world is one of the best proofs for the existence of God.

God, Are You Out There? The Evidence for God's Existence

If faith means taking a blind leap against all evidence and sound reason, then your average atheist has more faith than the Apostle Paul. In this teaching Brett explains arguments for God’s existence in a way that is understandable and compelling and severely weakens the atheist's case. You will also find out the real reason many intelligent people don't believe in God. It has little to do with the facts.

The Atheist Challenge

How would you fare in a conversation with an atheist? Could you defend the faith with more than "the Bible says so" or "I just have faith?" Find out as Brett role plays an atheist for your group. This challenge will expose your knowledge of Christianity and your ability to defend it (or lack of!). You’ll walk away motivated like never before.

"God Is a Crutch" and Other Common Atheist Objections

Tired of getting caught speechless when a friend raises an objection to God’s existence? Are there good answers to the most common objections? We’ll carefully examine key objections and demonstrate how each is seriously flawed. You’ll walk away with greater confidence that God’s existence can be defended against its loudest detractors.

The Injustice of Abortion

Our value is tied to the kinds of beings we are: creatures that bear God's image. This image is what gives us our transcendent value, requiring us to treat all humans as beings with dignity and worth. Do the unborn fit into this category? Learn to use the one simple question that, when answered, resolves all of the issues: What is the unborn?

Living for a Cause Greater than Yourself

True meaning in life is only found when you live for a cause greater than yourself. And the greatest cause is the cause of Christ. However, to engage a lost world effectively there are three important skills you must be growing in: knowledge, wisdom and character. Discover what each one looks like and how together they enable you to be a compelling ambassador for Christ.

Three in One? Making Sense of the Trinity

The Trinity is confusing, irrational, and contradictory, right? Besides, does it really matter if we can explain it clearly? In this talk you’ll discover the Trinity is absolutely vital to our understanding of God and much less complicated than you think. In fact, it's a solution, not a problem. And you’ll see how an in-depth study of the Trinity actually leads you into a much deeper, richer worship of God.

Truth and Love: What Do I Say to My Gay Friend?

Can we oppose homosexual behavior and love our homosexual friends at the same time? Brett will equip you with the biblical and philosophical arguments against homosexuality while demonstrating the compassion so desperately needed in this discussion.

Same-Sex Marriage & God's Design for the Family

Few issues in our culture are as explosive as the question of same-sex marriage. Homosexual partners continue to vie for legitimacy by having their relationships sanctioned with the same privileges and protections afforded their heterosexual counterparts. But when challenged to defend the traditional view of marriage, too many Christians have little more to offer than "because the Bible tells me so." In this timely session, Brett presents several effective arguments in defense of one of the most consequential issues of our time.

Beyond Devotions: How to Read & Study the Bible

Why does the Bible so often seem confusing and its meaning impenetrable? Is there a correct way to study the Bible? This talk gives you keys to unlocking the meaning of God’s Word. In this practical presentation, you will learn why you should never read just a single verse, but always read a paragraph, at least. Only when you are properly informed by God's Word the way it is written - in its context - can you be transformed by it.

How Can a Loving God Send Good People to Hell?

When was the last time you heard any lengthy teaching on hell? In this teaching, Brett talks about why the concept of hell has fallen on hard times and gives good reasons why we should take the notion seriously. We’ll examine the biblical view of hell and answer key objections. This teaching will not leave you unmoved because there is only one solution to avoid being in hell forever.

Why Should I Believe Anything at All? Worldviews in Conflict

What is a worldview and why does it matter? In this talk you’ll discover that everyone has a worldview but most people have never thought carefully about why they believe what they believe. Ironically, one’s worldview has profound consequences for all of life. We’ll examine the three prominent worldviews in our culture and then discuss how we test worldviews for truth.

Real Sex: Why God Thinks Sex Is a Good Thing

Sex is really good. But the best sex can only be experienced in the way God intended. Unfortunately, our culture is awash in bad ideas about sex. In this talk we’ll examine God’s true purposes for sex and how our misunderstandings are often emotionally destructive and physically dangerous.

Mind Games: How Media Messes with Your Mind

Unless you’re Amish or live in a cave, you can’t keep pop culture from seeping into your life. The avalanche of cultural images and sounds comes with such frequency and intensity, you can’t help but absorb the culture’s messages about life. So how do we navigate culture and keep it from being a corrosive influence in our lives? This seminar will show you how. (Please note that for this talk, Brett will require a projector and sound capabilities.)

What Is God’s Will for My Life?

First you're going to be mad; then you'll be thankful. You're going to be mad because this teaching is going to question much of what you understand about the "leading" of the Holy Spirit. But after a careful examination of the Bible, you'll see decision making in a completely new light. By the time we’re done, you will have the tools you need to make sound choices. You will experience a deeper sense of relief and freedom in decision making than you've ever known before.

How to Teach People to Think Critically

We don't want to just teach people what to think, but how to think. In an anti-intellectual culture that's full of distraction, how do we get people to think critically? This talk will give you five key steps to lead people on the path to thinking for themselves.



Equip to Engage: A Practical Strategy to Teach Your Kids Worldview & Apologetics

You're already convinced that your kids need to know what they believe and why they believe it. But how do you work this out practically in your home, youth group, or classroom? This talk will give you a 4-step strategy with lots of practical ideas and resources.

Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?

This talk will open your eyes to the reality of the secular college campus and its aggressive assault on the faith of our students. In addition, we will examine recent data suggesting our students are ill-equipped for such challenges and then discuss what we can do about it.

A Practical Plan for Apologetic Training

Worldview and apologetic training should be an essential part of our discipleship, so it’s a sin to bore our people with dry, lifeless content. Breathe life and excitement into worldview training with these practical ideas that can be implemented inside and outside the classroom.

Alive & Well: The Challenge of Relativism

Is relativism’s influence waning? According to recent studies, the answer is clearly "no," and the data suggests our young people are thoroughly infected. This seminar will help you give students an accurate and biblical view of truth.

The Ministry of Pursuit

This is an important talk for those who work with students. Taking a cue from God’s pursuit of a lost and dying world, we’ll look at how we model such incredible love to the young people we work with. This seminar will conclude with a number of extremely practical ideas for pursuing students for Christ in your ministry.

Mind Games: How Media Messes with Your Kid's Mind

Unless you’re Amish or live in a cave, you can’t keep pop culture from seeping into your home. The avalanche of cultural images and sounds comes with such frequency and intensity, students can’t help but absorb culture’s messages about life. So how do we help them navigate culture and keep it from being a corrosive influence in their lives? This seminar will show you how. (Please note that for this talk, Brett will require a projector and sound capabilities.)

The Emerging Church

What is the Emerging Church? Who are its leaders and what are they saying? Drawing upon his extensive research and conversations with its leaders, Brett will examine the good, the bad and the ugly of the Emerging Church.

Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism?

What is postmodernism? Should Christians embrace or reject it? We’ll briefly examine the history of postmodern thought and carefully reflect on its key ideas.

Equip to Engage: A Practical Strategy to Teach Your Kids Worldview and Apologetics

You're already convinced that your kids need to know what they believe and why they believe it. But how do you work this out practically in your home, youth group, or classroom? This talk will give you a 4-step strategy with lots of practical ideas and resources.


(3 to 4 sessions) Target audience: adults

Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?


Who’s Waiting for Your Kids?
A Dozen or So Ideas for Worldview Training
Alive & Well: The Challenge of Relativism
Mind Games: How Media Messes with Your Kid's Mind


(3 to 8 sessions) Target audience: students and/or adults

Mormonism 101


A Brief History of Mormonism
Do Mormons Worship a Different God?
Do Mormons Have the Same Jesus?
The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism
How Do We Know What’s True? The Mormon Testimony
3 Serious Problems for Mormonism: Archaeology, DNA & the Lost Book of Abraham
Responding to Common Mormon Objections Q & A Session


(up to 8 sessions) Target audience: students and/or adults

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

The Atheist Challenge
Why I Am a Christian
Does God Really Exist? You Bet Your Life
Can We Be Good without God?
If God Is Good, Why Is There Evil?
Why I'm Not an Evolutionist
"God Is a Crutch" and Other Common Atheist Objections
The New Atheists: Old Arguments, New Attitude