Mission Trips

Brett has developed a unique approach to mission trips, creating a one-of-a-kind training experience that immerses participants in real-life apologetics, theology, and evangelism. He orchestrates interactive trips to Berkeley, CA, and to various parts of Utah where participants are equipped to engage atheists, Mormons, university students, and other non-believers. Students learn to defend their faith, and also grow in knowledge and confidence of their Christian convictions. Please contact Dawnielle at dawnielle@str.org for more information

For Berkeley

"You want to take our students where?!"


The name alone is enough to conjure up thoughts of robed Hare Krishna devotees chanting in the streets or wild-eyed university professors making outrageous claims. Berkeley is known not only for its celebration of radical diversity, but its antagonism of Christianity. So why take students there? We want to expose them to different worldviews in order to inoculate them from those views. Think about it. Why do people get a flu shot? To inoculate themselves from the flu virus. People even purposely expose themselves to a virus in order to protect themselves from the virus. That’s exactly what we'll do with your students. Your students will see firsthand that Christianity can stand up to the toughest questions unbelievers ask.

And guess what? When they arrive home from their Berkeley experience, they'll have more confidence that the Christian worldview is actually true.


> Berkeley Mission Fact Sheet
> Berkeley Mission Sample Budget
> Berkeley Mission Sample Itinerary
> A Glimpse into the Berkeley Mission Experience


For Utah

Most Christian students simply don't know what they believe. Go ahead, ask them. Ask your students to give a simple definition of the Trinity - that's not heretical. Have them offer a brief explanation of Jesus' work on the cross. A few might blurt out some Christian cliches, but most have no clue about these core, life-changing Christian doctrines. But how in the world are you going to motivate them to learn these things? Take them to Utah.

In Utah, theology is on most people's minds because the majority of them are Mormons. On the Utah Mission, we'll give your students plenty of chances to dialogue with them. At the Salt Lake City Temple. At BYU. And that will motivate them like nothing else. They'll be asking you to teach them theology.

Utah will deepen their knowledge of God like nothing else. And that knowledge will deepen their relationship with Christ.


> Utah Mission Fact Sheet
> Utah Mission Sample Budget
> Utah Mission Sample Itinerary