Ambassador Basic Curriculum

Accessible to anyone, Stand to Reason's ABC program is key to developing the accurately informed mind, the artful method, and the attractive manner that will make you a high-impact ambassador for Christ.

The ABC system gives you a plan and a target that helps you break things down into "bite-sized" pieces.  Each unit contains five audio CDs, extensive study notes for each topic, and an authentication code for the online study tool that will help you master the material.  You can purchase the CDs or MP3s in STR's online Store.



ABC Course #1
  • Ambassador for Christ: The Essential Skills
  • Truth Is Not Ice Cream, Faith Is Not Wishing
  • The Bible: Has God Spoken?
  • Tactics in Defending the Faith (2 CDs)
  • Online Study Tool Authentication Code


ABC Course #2
  • Never Read a Bible Verse
  • How to Keep from Becoming Spiritually Weird
  • Decision Making the Will of God ( 3 CD's)
  • Ambassador Insights (PDF booklet)
  • Online Study Tool Authentication Code


ABC Course #3
  • Why I'm Not an Evolutionist
  • The Bankruptcy of Moral Relativism
  • Abortion: Only One Question
  • Setting the Record Straight: The Bible and Homosexuality
  • Any Old God Won't Do
  • Jesus, the Only Way (Booklet)


Silver Level: When you've gone through the materials in the three courses, just let us know. We'll certify you as an STR Silver Ambassador and send you a special STR silver lapel pin and a certificate for your accomplishment.

Gold Level: Demonstrate your mastery of the material in our online exams, and we will send you a certificate and a special gold lapel pin establishing you as one of our gold-level ambassadors.


Included with your purchase of our Ambassador Basic Curriculum is access to the BrainX self-study and examination tool. This online tool will take you through exam questions and calculate how well you know the material by allowing you to rate your answers. It also recommends a study schedule based upon how well you have scored.

Listen to the lectures, print and review the PDF study notes first. Then you’re ready to see how much you know.

Each time you log in to the study tool, Greg offers a word of encouragement or insight. Our goal is to equip you with techniques and information that will allow you to engage those in your sphere of influence in an intelligent and winsome manner.

Once you have completed the self-study testing for all three courses, please let us know, and we'll send you your Ambassador gold-level certification.

Please note: If you have the study tool software on CD, the registration code you received with the CD will not activate the online study tool. It should still unlock the software on CD, however.