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Links Mentioned on the 6/04/13 Show

The following are links that were either mentioned on this week's show or inspired by it, as posted live on the @STRtweets Twitter feed:

Blog Post | Science | STR | June 4, 2013

Does Science Offer an Evidence-Based Creation Story, Unlike the Biblical Account?

Alan responds to the challenge: "Does science offer an evidence-based creation story, unlike the biblical account?"

Video | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | March 26, 2013

Challenge - Intelligent Design Is Not Science

Alan answers this week's challenge: Intelligent design is not science.

Video | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | February 22, 2013

Is Intelligent Design Just God-of-the-Gaps?

Alan responds to the common challenge that intelligent design is just a God-of-the-gaps explanation.

Video | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | February 22, 2013

Challenge Response: Your Creation Story Is Just Another Myth

I answer this week's challenge in the video below.  

Blog Post | Apologetics | Alan Shlemon | February 14, 2013

Darwin Dissenter

Thomas Nagel, atheist and philosopher professor at New York University, finds signficant weaknesses in neo-Darwinian evolution and chemical evolution.  He published his view in a new Oxford University Press book Mind & Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False.  Evolution News and Views provides a number of

Blog Post | Apologetics | Melinda Penner | October 11, 2012

Defining Science by One Theory

Some claim we at STR force people to choose between science and faith becuase we don't believe evolution is true.  That's a false dichotomy, or a false choice.  Evolution is a theory of science - it's not science.  And no, we don't believe evolution is an accurate account of origins because we don't think the evidence supports it, the Bible allows for it, and philosophy counts against it.

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | October 8, 2012

Intelligent Design Event in San Diego

Some of my friends from the Discovery Institute will be teaching a one-day conference on intelligent design at the Rock Church in San Diego (Point Loma campus) on Saturday, September 15. Jay Richards, Casey Luskin, John West, Ray Bohlin, and others will b

Blog Post | Science | Alan Shlemon | August 29, 2012

All Brain, No Mind

I've been watching a new TV show, Perception, on TNT.  It's the latest variation of one of my all-time favorties, Monk, where the main character's disability gives him a unique edge in solving crime.  The character Dr. Daniel Pierce is an accomplished professor of neuroscience who struggles with schizophrenia himself.  And he makes a mistake that expresses a logical fallacy common in science today.

Blog Post | Philosophy | Melinda Penner | August 8, 2012

Should Science Study Religion?

Some scientists suggest so.  Before I can decide, I have a couple of questions: 1. What do they mean by science? and 2. What do they mean by religion?

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | May 22, 2012