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Science Overhyped Again

The story last week that a scientist had created life in his lab was exaggerated, it turns out.  Now that other scientists are taking a look at the research, they are downplaying the significance of what happened.

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | May 24, 2010

Creation & Evolution TV

Greg will be speaking about creation and evolution Thursday evening during Praise Tonight on TBN.  It airs 7-9 p.m., and re-airs Friday 2-5 p.m.

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | May 18, 2010

Is the Eye a Flawed Design?

One bit of data evolutionists have used to challenge the idea that the universe is designed is the way human eyes are constructed.  The backwards structure of the retina seems on appearance to be a mistake, a work around to adapt to a bad evolutionary development.  Why, the evolutionists have ask, would designer plan a flawed structure?

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | May 13, 2010

Bedfellows: Science & Atheism

This is a very interesting study that shows the power that atheism and therefore naturalism has in the field of science - not because of what science entails, but because of what scientists believe. The order of causation, I don't know; but the correlation is overwhelmingly clear.(HT: Scot McKnight)

Blog Post | Philosophy | Melinda Penner | May 11, 2010

Equivocating Subjective and Objective

Ramesh Ponnuru comments on columnist Kathleen Parker's mistake in the conclusions she's draws from scientific studies of human religious phenomena.  It's one many people make - mistaking the subjective with the objective.

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | May 10, 2010

Is the Supernatural Natural?

So goes the evolutionary argument for religion, which finds interaction between religious practices and physiological changes and brain states. 

Blog Post | Philosophy | Melinda Penner | March 27, 2010

Sproul & Meyer Discuss ID

Sproul, Meyer, intelligent discussion.  Enough said. Time to watch and learn.Part 1 of 5Part 2 of 5Part 3 of 5Part 4 of 5Part 5 of 5

Blog Post | Philosophy | Melinda Penner | March 4, 2010

Alien Life on Earth? So What.

Scientists are redirecting their search for "alien" life to right here on Earth, believing there may be non-DNA-based forms of life we haven't year recognized.  This would indicate that their origin is different than the origin of life as we know it now.

Blog Post | Philosophy | Melinda Penner | February 2, 2010

Troublesome News for Evolution

AP reports new findings indicating that four-legged animals emerged earlier than thought.

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | January 7, 2010

The Origins of Life Debate

The American Freedom Alliance is sponsoring a debate Monday, November 30 between Michael Shermer from the Skeptic Society, Stephen Meyer from The Discovery Institute, Donald Prethero from Occidental College, and Richard Sternberg, from the Biologic Institute and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.  (Congratulations to Steve Meyer whose book, Signature in the Cell

Blog Post | Science | Melinda Penner | November 18, 2009