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#STRask - February 7, 2019

Greg adds one more thought to a question he answered on the last show, then he answers questions about Calvinism, how to move conversations off of contentious political topics, and humility.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 7, 2019

Why States Are Trying to Expand Abortion Liberties

Greg talks about the recent push for new abortion laws, then he takes calls on using graphic images, God’s word “not returning void,” and cremation.

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | February 6, 2019

Naturalism’s Only Option

What happens when scientists discover evidence that undermines evolutionary theory? It’s disqualified by definition. It’s ruled inadmissible. Atheists have no choice but to accept Darwin’s account. It’s the only option they have.

Article | Philosophy | Alan Shlemon | February 1, 2019

Sometimes No Amount of Evidence Will Convince

Greg and Tim talk about Dawkins’s statement that no evidence would convince him, then they take calls on Freemasonry, speaking in tongues, and an objection to the idea that we can have a personal relationship with God.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | February 1, 2019

#STRask - January 31, 2019

Greg answers questions about the immaculate conception, whether everything happens for a reason, three-in-one shampoo as an analogy for the Trinity, and more.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | January 31, 2019

#STRask - January 24, 2019

Greg answers questions about people being saved before Jesus, whether there’s a difference between forgiveness and propitiation, and how Greg doesn’t get angry at irrationality.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | January 24, 2019

Why Evidence Will Not Convince Some Atheists

It’s tempting to think belief in God comes down to the evidence and nothing else. But is it really that simple? Does belief in God merely depend on evidence?

Blog Post | Philosophy | Tim Barnett | January 22, 2019

Religion Isn’t Just a Social Club

Greg discusses the widespread relativistic view of religion in our culture, then he answers questions about using humor in persuasion, testing doctrine by the Old Testament, and why receiving the Holy Spirit doesn’t look the same today as it did in the first century.

Podcast Episode | Philosophy | Greg Koukl | January 18, 2019

#STRask - January 14, 2019

Questions about the burning fertility clinic challenge to the pro-life view, God’s free will, reading your horoscope, and whether believers will accept “the mark of the beast” without realizing it.

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | January 14, 2019

The Faithful Disobedience of a Chinese Pastor

Alan clarifies his views on homosexuality, then he talks about a Chinese pastor’s “Declaration of Faithful Disobedience.”

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | December 21, 2018