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Why God? – Part 2

From our biological blueprint, to the fine-tuning of the universe, to the human experience of beauty, morality, and guilt, God is the best explanation for the way things are.

Solid Ground | Science | Greg Koukl | March 1, 2018

Unbelievable Unbelief

Greg explains how skeptics often overestimate themselves when it comes to making requests of God. 

Video | Philosophy | Greg Koukl | January 12, 2017

Proving Math

Video | Philosophy | Greg Koukl | July 25, 2016

The Soul Hole

Video | Philosophy | Greg Koukl | April 12, 2016

Homosexual Couples and Adoption

Alan explains why adoption policies should be approached with the general best interest of children in mind rather than letting rare circumstances dictate. COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Ethics | Alan Shlemon | March 31, 2016

If Morality Is Objective, How Can We Know It?

Brett explains how we can know the difference between subjective truth and objective truth. COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Ethics | Brett Kunkle | March 24, 2016

Could Panentheism Be an Understanding of God's Nature?

Is it possible that panentheism is a lost understanding of God’s nature? COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Philosophy | Alan Shlemon | February 25, 2016

Is Man Born Sinful?

Brett discusses whether or not humans are born sinful. COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Philosophy | Brett Kunkle | December 17, 2015

Challenge Response: God Is Worse than Hitler

Here's my response to this week's challenge: COMMENTS

Video | Philosophy | Brett Kunkle | November 20, 2015

Why Did Christ Need to Die in Order for Us to Be Saved?

Brett explains why Jesus' death was the just payment for our sins. COMMENTS Read more posts

Video | Ethics | Brett Kunkle | October 29, 2015