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Could Buddhism Be True?

An Examination of the Buddhist Worldview by Ted Miyake

Article | Apologetics | Guest | May 13, 2013

Listen Live to STR’s Webcast

Call (855) 243-9975 with your questions during the live show. Outside the U.S., call (562) 424-8229 or (562) 424-0350. Listen live Tuesdays 4:00–6:00 p.m. PT on the player below or in our iPhone, Android, and Windows apps.

Article | Miscellaneous | Greg Koukl | May 7, 2013

Guide to Exploring the New Website

A distinct quality of STR’s website is the amount of free content available to you. With hundreds of articles, hundreds of videos and podcasts, and thousands of blog posts, we’ve covered a wide variety of topics relevant to evangelism and making a defense for Christian belief and values.  You can navigate all of the content in the Explore section.

Article | Miscellaneous | Melinda Penner | April 29, 2013

Free Download

As a thank you for visiting STR's new website, we'd like to offer you these helpful and informative pdfs,one of the chain of custody and another on the early dating of the Gospels. Both pdfs were developed by STR speaker, J. Warner Wallace. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Article | Miscellaneous | STR | April 25, 2013

Giving the Truth but Not the Life

How many of us have become that which, in a time of clearer thinking, we swore we'd never be, and hindered someone from hearing our message because of our behavior?

Article | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | April 24, 2013

Faith and Philosophy

For some Christians, faith and philosophy are strange companions.  When used properly, though, philosophy is a friend, not a foe, an ally, not an antagonist.

Article | Miscellaneous | Greg Koukl | April 24, 2013

A Whole New World of Pleasures

Greg ruminates on what we might someday experience with senses we do not yet possess.

Article | Miscellaneous | Greg Koukl | April 24, 2013

Wider, Farther, Bigger

Alan's monthly letter for December 2011 Dear Friend, Wow! That word captures how I feel about our partnership in 2011. I’m amazed at what we accomplished together. Thanks to you, our impact training believers surpassed previous years. I can’t thank you enough. I am grateful and humbled by your faithful giving towards my work with Stand to Reason (STR).

Article | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | April 23, 2013

Serving the Church in Egypt, While in Lebanon

Alan's monthly letter for September 2011 Dear Friend, After 20 hours of flying, four hours of layovers, and one and a half hours of driving (while passing a few Hezbollah operatives on the street), I finally arrived at the Le Frères Monastery in Beit-Méry, Lebanon. Perched on a 2,000-foot-high mountain, the Catholic convent has breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, and of downtown Beirut.

Article | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | April 23, 2013

Squaring Off with Muslims in Prison

Alan's monthly letter for March 2011 Dear Friend, Word spread among the Muslim prisoners that I was going to teach on Islam. So, as the 60 Christians filed into the prison chapel, Muslims followed them in. They had their Qur’an in one hand and my handout in the other. I knew the following hour would end up very different from the times I had spoken on Islam in churches. I just didn’t realize in what way it would be different.

Article | Miscellaneous | Alan Shlemon | April 23, 2013