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Knowing Jesus Makes You a Better Thinker

Michael Reeves has this to say in his excellent book Rejoicing in Christ:

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | June 12, 2015

Apologetics Bonanza at The Poached Egg

It has come to my attention that Greg West’s The Poached Egg is turning five this month. I’ve written before about his regularly-updated list of apologetics Kindle deals (you should be checking this list!), but the rest of his site is worth bookmarking, as well.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | June 6, 2015

Why Religious Institutions Aren’t Taxed

In “Religious Non-Profits, Plan Now for Tax-Exemption Battles,” Leslie Loftis explains why religious institutions aren’t taxed:

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | May 14, 2015

Don’t Let Apologetics Kill Your First Love

I love C.S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce, a novel about people in Hell taking a bus ride to Heaven. They’re allowed to stay in Heaven if they choose to, but they find it unappealing for one reason or another. The book is less about the actual Heaven and Hell than it is about the various reasons why people reject God in this life. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | May 13, 2015

Good News for Gordon College

I’m very happy to say my previous post on Gordon College’s predicament proved to be too cynical.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | May 9, 2015

Time Management Tips from Greg

Greg has been asked questions in the past about his strategies for being productive, so this month, his Solid Ground article is about “Redeeming the Time”: Time and task management is a battle, one that many of us never seem to win. Productivity comes easier, though, if you have a plan. That’s what I offer you in this month’s Solid Ground.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Amy K. Hall | May 2, 2015

God and Morality | Every Idea Has Consequences

Brett’s and Alan’s April newsletters are now posted on the website:

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | April 22, 2015

Free Audiobook: Tortured for Christ’s free audiobook this month is one by Romanian pastor Richard Wurmbrand (see “How Our Suffering Glorifies God,” “Decide Here and Now,” and “How We’ve Infuriated Centurie

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Amy K. Hall | April 16, 2015

Advice on Becoming an Apologetics Speaker

I often get asked for advice on becoming an apologetics speaker. Here’s how I respond (my answer assumes the person is already knowledgeable about apologetics—to begin learning, start here and consider enrolling in an online apologetics program like Biola’s master’s degree or certificate program):

Blog Post | Apologetics | Amy K. Hall | March 7, 2015

Memorizing the Bible Changes You

No other kind of study has done more for increasing my knowledge and understanding of the Bible than memorization.

Blog Post | Miscellaneous | Amy K. Hall | February 28, 2015