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The Imago Dei in Man

A rejection of the Judeo-Christian worldview and its idea that human beings are made in the image of God will destroy the foundation our culture has for believing in equal value and rights.

Article | Theology | Alan Shlemon | October 5, 2018

Azusa Reverses Changes to Their Student Conduct Policy

Greg goes through Azusa’s statement reversing a new policy that allowed LGBTQ+ relationships on campus then takes questions on moral standards, whether science is superior to the Bible, cessationism, and more.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | October 5, 2018

#STRask - October 4, 2018

Greg answers questions about why God allows animals to suffer, whether Adam and Eve handed authority over to Satan, and corporate worship for introverts.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | October 4, 2018

Our View of Human Beings Matters

What does it mean to be human? Our culture is deeply divided on this question, and a great deal depends on the answer.

Blog Post | Theology | Amy K. Hall | October 3, 2018

There’s No Evidence for God?

Greg responds to the claim that “there’s no evidence for Christianity” then answers questions about ghosts, arguing civilly, comforting the sick, and materials for teaching conversational apologetics.

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | October 3, 2018

Does God Endorse Polygamy? (Video)

If God is opposed to polygamy, why does 2 Samuel 12:8 say that God gave David wives?

Blog Post | Theology | Alan Shlemon | October 1, 2018

#STRask - October 1, 2018

Greg answers questions about the “you” referred to in 2 Peter 3:8–9 and what 1 Timothy 2:4 means when it says God wants all people to be saved.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | October 1, 2018

Did We Invent Marriage or Discover It?

Greg talks about the nature of marriage then takes calls on discovering spiritual gifts, whether retirement is biblical, and how to respond to someone who cites an authority you’re not familiar with.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 28, 2018

reTHINK Apologetics Conference Post-Event Homework

There’s no point in reading God’s word if you misunderstand what it says. That’s where hermeneutics can help, and every believer should study it at some level. It’s that important.

Blog Post | Theology | Alan Shlemon | September 27, 2018

#STRask - September 27, 2018

Greg answers questions about what the devil can do, irresistible grace in light of what Jesus said about the rich young man, and why Jesus’ name wasn’t already above all names.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 27, 2018