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Greg Answers a Variety of Questions

Greg answers a variety of questions on arguments against atheism, spiritually leading a non-Christian child, animals in Heaven, and more.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 1, 2017

Hell Interrupted - Part 1

In recent years, opposition to the doctrine of endless punishment by those who are rethinking Hell has gained enough popular momentum that “conditional immortality”—also known as “annihilationism”—has begun to make significant inroads into mainstream Christianity. This trend must be answered and that's what Tim and Greg do in part one of this Solid Ground.

Solid Ground | Theology | Tim Barnett | September 1, 2017

#STRask - August 31, 2017

In 4 min. or less, Greg answers questions about the Sabbath, Jesus’ two natures, God changing, and a possible Bible contradiction.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | August 31, 2017

Rethinking “God Hates the Sin but Loves the Sinner”

There are both practical and theological problems with telling someone, “God hates the sin but loves the sinner.” We have better news to tell than this.

Blog Post | Theology | Alan Shlemon | August 30, 2017

How to Flourish in a Hostile Environment

Greg give tips for thriving in a hostile environment then answers questions about talking to a dead spouse and the obligation of churches during natural disasters.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | August 30, 2017

#STRask - August 28, 2017

Greg’s on a timer and answers questions about what to do when reasons don’t work, the Bible as history, and rejecting Jesus.

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | August 28, 2017

Intrinsic Human Value Is the Same for All and Can Never Be Lost

Because we're created in God's image, nothing can negate our intrinsic value, not even sin. But lately, our culture has been saying otherwise.

Blog Post | Christianity & Culture | Melinda Penner | August 25, 2017

Eradicating People, Not the Condition

Greg reviews an article about Iceland aborting children with Down syndrome then answers questions about classical education, hearing God’s voice, and whether or not Jesus broke a commandment.

Podcast Episode | Bio-Ethics | Greg Koukl | August 25, 2017

#STRask - August 24, 2017

In 4 min. or less, Greg answers questions about drinking alcohol, the existence of lesser gods, and evaluating televised healings.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | August 24, 2017

Atheistic Freedom Is an Illusion

Greg talks about freedom then takes calls on biases, biblical interpretation, and lust.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Greg Koukl | August 23, 2017