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How Could Jesus’ Sacrifice Have Paid for an Eternal Punishment?

Greg answers questions about Hell, avoiding pride, dealing with a daughter in unrepentant sin, and how Jesus’ sacrifice could have paid for an eternal punishment.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 8, 2017

An LGBT Defense Misses a Biblical Point

There are many reasons why pro-gay theology is mistaken. Alan addresses a particular defense that fails to understand what Scripture is saying.

Podcast Episode | Christianity & Culture | Alan Shlemon | September 7, 2017

How to Work on Your Character

Never has character been more important for ambassadors for Christ than it is now. Here’s how to start putting to death your sin so that people will see the beauty of God in you.

Blog Post | Theology | Amy K. Hall | September 7, 2017

#STRask - September 7, 2017

In 4 min. or less, Greg answers questions about women teaching in the church, psychopaths, Christian doctors, and Bible contradictions.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 7, 2017

Does the Bible Command House-to-House Witnessing?

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim their house-to-house witnessing is evidence they are the true people of God, but does the Bible really command us to do this?

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | September 6, 2017

Interview: Dr. Rod Rosenbladt – Martin Luther and the Good News Your Will Is in Bondage

Greg interviews Dr. Rod Rosenbladt of the 1517 Legacy Project on the Reformation and Martin Luther’s Bondage of the Will.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 6, 2017

Truth, Love, and the Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement on the biblical vision of sex and sexuality was released last week, and many people have objected, calling it unloving.

Blog Post | Theology | Melinda Penner | September 5, 2017

#STRask - September 4, 2017

Greg’s on a timer and answers questions about unbiblical counsel, Zeitgeist, and how God interacts with us.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 4, 2017

Greg Answers a Variety of Questions

Greg answers a variety of questions on arguments against atheism, spiritually leading a non-Christian child, animals in Heaven, and more.

Podcast Episode | Theology | Greg Koukl | September 1, 2017

Hell Interrupted - Part 1

In recent years, opposition to the doctrine of endless punishment by those who are rethinking Hell has gained enough popular momentum that “conditional immortality”—also known as “annihilationism”—has begun to make significant inroads into mainstream Christianity. This trend must be answered and that's what Tim and Greg do in part one of this Solid Ground.

Solid Ground | Theology | Tim Barnett | September 1, 2017