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Jehovah’s Witnesses Can’t Consistently Affirm the Reliability of the New Testament

Jehovah’s Witnesses commonly refer to modern translations of the Bible as “Lord Bibles.” It is often used as a pejorative. They claim that so-called “Lord Bibles” remove the name of Jehovah more than 7,000 times and replace it with the word Lord. Only they have the true Bible, because their New World Translation (NWT) uses the name Jehovah. All other versions are rejected because they’re thought to be unreliable.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | January 15, 2016

Where Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Get Their Name?

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they alone are God’s chosen witnesses to the world. As justification for their self-designation, they cite Isaiah 43:10. It says: “You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord,    “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me     and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed,     nor shall there be any after me.”

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | January 9, 2016

Letting You Know About a Great Resource: Credo Courses

One of the marks of a good ambassador for Christ is an accurately informed mind. The mind must be informed with knowledge adequate for its task. For instance, a Christian ambassador must understand the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to communicate and defend it. Therefore, Christians have the responsibility of educating themselves.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | January 7, 2016

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Not long ago, I gave a presentation on the historical evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus at the University of Waterloo. This was a great event put on by Power to Change with many Christians and non-Christians in attendance. Immediately following my talk, there was a Q&A time where people could text in their questions to a phone number that was on the screen. One particular question that came up that night was, “Do extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?”

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | January 2, 2016

Does Proverbs 8:22 Teach That Jesus Was Created?

When you tell Jehovah’s Witnesses that Jesus is uncreated, they are likely to take you directly to Proverbs 8:22-30 in their New World Translation (NWT). They believe this is undeniable proof that Jesus was the first created creature. Before looking specifically at this passage, we should familiarize ourselves with the context. This chapter begins with a personification of wisdom as a woman calling out in the streets. A personification is a figure of speech where human qualities are given to non-human things.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | December 24, 2015

Is It Unloving to Tell People They Are Sinners?

Is it unloving to tell people they are sinners? While thinking about this question, an analogy immediately came to mind that I think brilliantly articulates why telling people they are sinners is not only loving, but also life-giving. I hope that you find this illustration as helpful as I have. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | December 19, 2015

Is All Worship Equally Acceptable to God?

I have become increasingly concerned at the cavalier attitude many people have about how they approach God. There are many people who believe that it doesn’t matter how you come to God, so long as you come. They believe that the true God will take their worship—in whatever form and to whatever god—and transpose it onto Himself. On this view, it doesn’t really matter how I worship, as long as I’m sincere. Implicit in this thinking is the belief that all religions worship the same God.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | November 7, 2015

Can We Escape the Law of Non-Contradiction?

A while back, I met with a local pastor to talk about apologetics—the defense of the Christian faith. During our friendly discussion, we got on to the subject of the nature of truth, at which time I made a case for the correspondence theory of truth. This particular pastor subscribed to a postmodern view of truth—that there is no objective truth and that truth is a social construction based on linguistic practices.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | October 31, 2015

Twelve Points That Show Christianity Is True

I’ve had the privilege of taking a course on apologetics with Dr. Norman Geisler. He’s considered by many to be one of the foremost apologists alive today. I’ve certainly come to appreciate Dr. Geisler all the more since becoming one of his students. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | October 21, 2015

Thankful to Whom?

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and whether you celebrate it today or in November, if you are anything like me and my family, you will probably spend Thanksgiving weekend gathered around a table filled with delicious food and surrounded by your family and friends. One of our Thanksgiving family traditions is taking turns going around the table sharing one thing we are thankful for.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Tim Barnett | October 12, 2015