Does the Trinity Make Sense? (Audio)

Greg discusses whether or not the concept of the Trinity makes sense.

0:01 Does the Trinity make sense?

0:04 Now some people say the Trinity, the idea that there's one God who subsists in three

0:09 fully distinct but fully divine persons, just doesn't make sense.

0:13 Well, this depends on what you mean by the concept of "making sense."

0:17 If what you mean is that the Trinity is irrational, that it violates some law of reason, well

0:23 then the challenge is simply false.

0:24 There's no violation of the laws of reason in the Trinity.

0:28 Anyone who thinks I'm mistaken on this point must identify the specific law being breached

0:32 in light of the orthodox teaching of the Trinity as opposed

0:35 to some misrepresentation.

0:37 We don't believe in three gods, for example.

0:39 Now one might argue that the Trinity doesn't make

0:43 sense in that it doesn't appeal to any sense perception.

0:45 That it's hard to conceptualize the Trinity.

0:48 Can't be pictured in the mind.

0:50 Seems accurate enough, but it's hardly relevant.

0:52 Individual spirit beings, God, angels, your soul, can't be pictured.

0:57 They may actually manifest themselves in physical forms,

1:01 we see that with God and the angels in the Bible,

1:03 but this is not what they actually look like.

1:05 Even so, the concepts, though we can't see those things

1:10 or imagine them, the concepts of God or spirit being is certainly intelligible.

1:15 Makes sense.

1:17 And the same is true with immaterial things like love

1:20 or kindness or vengeance.

1:21 Each of these may be evidenced in actions

1:24 that can be seen, but they're not themselves physical.

1:26 And indeed, no accurate physical characterization

1:28 or sense of them can even be imagined.

1:32 I mean, what does vengeance look like?

1:34 If we're talking about the thing itself, and not the way it's acted out by people.

1:38 So, it's no liability that no one can picture the Trinity.

1:43 It's not sensible in that way.

1:45 This tells you nothing about the truth of the doctrine, though.

1:48 That question is answered by a different means.

1:51 Does God's own self revelation give us reason

1:55 to believe that the doctrine of the Trinity

1:57 classically understood, in other words,

1:59 accurately understood, is an accurate and true description

2:03 as far as it goes of God's nature?

2:06 And the answer to that is clearly, "yes."

2:09 The Stand to Reason teaching, "The Trinity: A Solution, Not a Problem," gives

2:14 much more detail and biblical support on this issue.

2:16 You can find it at along with a complete

2:19 text of these comments under the title, "Does the Trinity Make Sense?"

2:24 I'm Greg Koukl for Stand to Reason.

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