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What Is the Role of Faith Given That We Are Saved by Grace?

Alan explains what faith is and the role it plays in our salvation.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | May 7, 2018

What Follows If You Don't Believe Any Religion Is True?

Alan discusses the implications of not subscribing to a particular religion and the most probable beliefs that follow.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | April 16, 2018

Is Abortion the Same as Taking Someone off Life Support?

Some abortion-choice advocates claim that abortion is no different than taking someone off life support. Alan explains why that is not the case.  Transcript: 00:05 Is abortion no different than taking someone off life support? 00:10 Well, the short answer is abortion is very different than taking someone off

Video | | Alan Shlemon | April 9, 2018

Could God Be Merely a Function of the Brain?

Alan responds to an argument against God's existence. Transcript: 00:06 I've been asked if God could merely be a function of the brain. 00:10 And I'm presuming from the question that this person believes that if you can show God belief 00:15 comes from the brain, then therefore there's no God, or it's not rational to believe in Him.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | March 12, 2018

Why Do Christians Fight Against Euthanasia Laws?

Alan responds to the question: If going to Heaven is so great, why do Christians want to prolong unhappy life on Earth? Transcript: 00:06 The challenge question I was asked recently is this: If going to Heaven is so great, why 00:11 do Christians fight against euthanasia laws? 00:13 And I would say that's because it's wrong to use an evil means to secure a good end.

Video | | Alan Shlemon | February 26, 2018

Does the Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality Inflame Violence?

Alan responds to the question of whether or not the classical biblical teaching on sexuality causes violence.    Transcript: 00:05 Doesn't the Christian position that homosexuality is sin inflame violence 00:10 against the LGBT community? Now, there are at least three reasons why I don't think

Video | | Alan Shlemon | February 5, 2018

Do Our Souls Continue to Develop in Heaven?

Alan distinguishes between two types of soul development and shares his thoughts on which one we'll experience in Heaven.   Transcript: 00:05 I've been asked if our soul continues to develop in Heaven. Now, before we answer

Video | | Alan Shlemon | January 22, 2018

Why Is There So Much Evil?

Alan shares some thoughts regarding three realms of brokenness that produce evil in the world.   Transcript: 00:06 I've been asked a simple question: Why is there so much evil? And to me, the answer 00:11 is also simple. It's because creation and everything in it is broken. Right, we live

Video | | Alan Shlemon | December 18, 2017

Do You Need Religion to Have Morals?

Alan responds to an atheist's challenge: "You don't need religion to have morals. If you can't determine right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion."      Transcript: 00:06 Here's a challenge I've been asked to respond to. People say, "You don't need 00:10 religions to have morals. If you can't determine right from wrong, then you lack

Video | | Alan Shlemon | December 4, 2017

Why Do Other Religions Emphasize Works for Salvation?

In Christianity, salvation is a gift rather than a reward for works. Alan shares why Christianity is different from many other religions in this way. Transcript: 00:07 I've been asked, why do you think there's an emphasis 00:09 on human works as a key to salvation 00:12 in other religions? 00:13 And the answer seems to me straight forward, and that is,

Video | | Alan Shlemon | November 6, 2017