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Why Evolutionary Ethics Fails to Account for Objective Morality

Two years ago, I had the chance to debate an atheist professor at Weber State University in Utah on the best explanation for the existence of objective moral values. The writings of Bill Craig and Paul Copan have shaped a lot of my thinking in this area, as I'm sure you'll see below. In my opening argument, I made the case for God as the ontological foundation for objective morality. Then I raised five problems for an evolutionary view of ethics that make it an implausible alternative. Here are the problems I outlined in the debate: 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Brett Kunkle | April 14, 2015

God and Morality – Watch the Live Event Here

Our Google Hangout is tonight, 6:30–7:30 pm (PT). The topic is "God and Morality," and the easiest way to watch and directly ask questions is to join the Hangout, but we'll also be streaming it here and on YouTube.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Brett Kunkle | March 19, 2015

Can We Be Good without God?

I was recently interviewed by Jennifer, a lady from Scotland, who is writing a dissertation for her Ph.D. in religious studies. The question she is attempting to answer is, "Does rejecting God mean rejecting morality?" So she sent me a list of questions on that topic, this being the first: Do you personally believe that you can be morally good without a god? This is my answer: 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Brett Kunkle | March 17, 2015

What Can We Learn from a Catholic Thinker? Aquinas and Natural Law

I want to sketch out Thomas Aquinas’ theory of natural law by distinguishing between the four kinds of law he outlines in the Summa Theologiae and then discussing his conception of the Good. Afterward, we’ll ask if Aquinas’ view is compatible with a biblical view. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Brett Kunkle | January 20, 2015