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How to Stay a Christian in College (August 26, 2016)

How to stay a Christian in college; can Christians live sinlessly?; character in public life, and more topics

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | August 26, 2016

Justin Brierley from the "Unbelievable?" podcast (August 24, 2016)

Host: Greg Koukl Guest: Justin Brierley from the "Unbelievable?" podcast Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | August 24, 2016

Talk to Alan This Tuesday

Alan Shlemon is hosting the podcast live this week, Tuesday 4-6 p.m. PT.   Ask your question. Share a piece of your mind. Call with your question or comment at (855) 243-9975, outside the U.S. (562) 424-8229. The broadcast is live Tuesday 4-6 p.m. P.T. – commentary and your calls. He'll also talk to Abdu Murray about witnessing to Muslims.   Listen live online. 

Blog Post | Apologetics | Melinda Penner | August 8, 2016

#STRask - August 4, 2016

Host: Greg Koukl Is Jehovah's Witness Christian? Will there be Jehovah Witnesses in Heaven? How would you respond to the phrase, "God is a God of love, so he would accept me just as I am. Gay." If the Resurrection alone does not demonstrate that Jesus is God, then why do Christians work hard to make a case for it? Do males have a right to be pregnant? Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | August 4, 2016

The Authority of the Scriptures

As the church continues to face cultural challenges from outside the church, we must strengthen our views of God’s Word within the church. Our culture is increasingly and brazenly running counter to the wisdom of the Word, and one of the church’s tasks is to help our people stand confidently and courageously in the face of such confrontations. Yes, make no mistake, we are in a war as the Apostle says in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5.

Blog Post | Apologetics | Brett Kunkle | August 2, 2016

#STRask - August 1, 2016

Host: Greg Koukl How do you "conduct apologetics" with someone who doesn't connect with good arguments – doesn’t think logically? How do we deal with betrayal from within the Christian community? Speaking from past experience.. How can I effectively mobilize the youth around me in the area of Christian Apologetics? Can one question the deity of Christ by arguing that he was raised by another person like all the other resurrections in the Bible?

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | August 1, 2016

#STRask - July 18, 2016

Host: Greg Koukl Are there other ways to do the Lord's work without being knee deep in evangelism? Is maintaining a job and family the Lord's work? Could the Orlando gunman been God's instrument of judgment against those gay clubbers? Are there any major doctrines that Greg Koukl has changed his mind on over the years? Download the mp3...   Transcript:

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | July 18, 2016

#STRask - July 14, 2016

Host: Greg Koukl Most New Testament text variants are minor. Are there any major ones aside from long ending of Mark, the woman caught in adultery, and the Johannine comma? If Calvinists are right, all humans are depraved from birth and are already headed for Hell, what then is the purpose of Satan? As Christians sent to make disciples of all nations, what advice do you give to those who are not gifted in apologetics or evangelism? What verses show that all people must give an account of all their actions before God at the final judgement?

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | July 14, 2016

Reasoning from Different Worldviews (June 29, 2016)

Host: Greg Koukl Commentary: The Yearling Movie (00:00) Commentary: Reasoning from Different Worldviews (00:06) Caller Topic: 1. Should we focus on one main thing in life or a variety of things? (00:22) 2. How to witness to a man who follows A Course in Miracles? (00:31) 3. Dominionism is counterproductive in the public square. (00:41) 4. Comments on multiverse call. (00:50) Download the mp3...

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | June 29, 2016

#STRask - June 16, 2016

Guest Host: J. Warner Wallace Why is it necessary that the Bible be inerrant or without contradictions? Isn't it more important what we believe about Jesus, that we have faith, and how we live that out? Why are the Pharisees condemned for doubting Jesus' miracles when we are told to watch for lying signs and wonders from the enemy? What does it mean to worship God in truth? How much Jesus must one get correct to be saved? Can he reject the Trinity and be okay?

Podcast Episode | Apologetics | Greg Koukl | June 16, 2016