Caring for Kids

A standard objection to the pro-life view is that pro-lifers have no right to oppose abortion unless they’re willing to care for the woman and her child.”

Now, if you’re confronted with this challenge, take a moment to restate the claim without the spin. What’s actually being asserted is amazing, when you think about it.

Say something like, “If I understand you right, you’re saying I can’t object to the killing of unborn children unless I am willing to care for those children? Is that right?” When you get the nod, then ask, “Do you really believe that I can only object to killing children if I’m willing to raise them myself? Why would you believe a thing like that?

It simply does not follow that because you object to killing innocent human beings, you must be willing to care for those that survive. Imagine, for example, how bizarre it would sound if someone argued, “You have no right telling me not to beat my wife unless you’re willing to marry her,” or, “Unless you are willing to hire ex-slaves for your business, you have no right to oppose slavery.” (Indeed, slave owners used this very argument 150 years ago.) In the same way, abortion is not justified if pro-lifers fail to care for those (both mother and baby) involved in a crisis pregnancy. So this is a bad argument.

As a point of fact, though, there are more crisis pregnancy centers—pro-lifers willing to care for those involved in crisis pregnancies—then there are abortion clinics in this country. Roughly 4,000 national and international pro-life service providers are dedicated to the well-being of mothers in crisis who choose life for their children. They provide medical aid, pregnancy support, housing, baby clothing, cribs, food, adoption services—even post-abortion counseling services—all at no cost. Pro-lifers are willing to lend a hand—a big one.

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Greg Koukl