Tom Gilson - Answering Atheist Tactics (January 7, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Phil Robertson’s Comments (00:00)
Commentary: A Good Discipline for the New Year (01:00)
Guest: Tom Gilson - Answering Atheist Tactics (02:00)

1. What is a Christian take on haunted houses and ghosts? (00:26)
2. How do you answer an atheist who claims no burden of proof because they lack belief in God? (00:40)
3. Is denying the inspiration of Scripture blaspheming the Holy Spirit? (01:12)
4. Why are questionable passages included in Bibles? (01:25)
5. If Christians really believed, would God heal more often? (01:42)
6. Does being wrong on one essential belief disqualify someone from Christianity? (01:51)

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