The Explanatory Power of Christianity (May 5, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: The Explanatory Power of Christianity (00:00)
Commentary: What’s Your View on Same-sex Marriage? (01:00)

1. Will there be movies in Heaven? (00:24)
2. Is forgiveness really unconditional? (00:38)
3. How does free will work with election? (01:11)
4. What are the limits of prolonging life through medicine and technology? (01:28)
5. Should an adult daughter talk to her parents about verbal abuse in their relationship? (02:00)
6. How can you answer the charge that morality is circular reasoning? (02:18)
7. Should remarried people who didn’t have biblical grounds for their divorce separate in their new marriage? (02:26)
8. Disappointed in the strategy lawyers defending traditional marriage argued before Supreme Court. (02:39)
9. Remain in PCUSA despite unbiblical teaching? (02:48)

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