Same-sex Marriage and Freedom of Conscience (August 27, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Same-sex Marriage and Freedom of Conscience (00:00:00)
Commentary: Public vs. Private Practice of Religion (02:00:11)

1. Did Christianity copy Egyptian religious symbols? (00:24:12)
2. God seems distant in the midst of personal loss and suffering. (00:33:41)
3. Is it sin for Christians to write science-fiction? (01:04:13)
4. How did Judas die? (01:21:22)
5. What should same-sex couples with kids who become Christians do? (01:27:25)
6. The Old Testament God is a tribal God. (02:20:10)
7. How do you resolve a moral dilemma regarding divorce and reconciliation? (02:30:46)
8. What do you think of the signs of God's judgement on America? (02:41:54)
9. If the case for Christianity is so rational, why do people believe otherwise? (02:46:51)

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