Naturalism and Reality (June 3, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Trip to Poland and European Mission Field (00:00)
Commentary: Naturalism and Reality (01:00)

1. Can evolution explain morality? (00:24)
2. Is it unconditional love to let your child be transgender? (00:48)
3. Thoughts on taking kids to a dangerous mission field? (01:21)
4. How do you avoid being too critical? (01:44)
5. If evolution explains ethics, is abortion a major wrong? (01:51)
6. How do you convince a Christian who gets their theology from personal revelation and visions? (02:02)
7. What can we do about immorality in society we feel helpless to change? (02:29)
8. Is there a distinction between same-sex marriage and gay marriage? (02:38)
9. What do you think of circumcision? (02:50)

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