Michael Horton - Calvin on the Christian Life (February 18, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: What is Christianity? (00:00)
Guest: Michael Horton - Calvin on the Christian Life (02:00)

1. Is baptism necessary for salvation according to Acts 2:38? (00:22)
2. Advice on putting stones in people's shoes? (00:43)
3. A proof that good works can't contribute to salvation? (01:01)
4. What's the Christian view of Freemasonry? (01:08)
5. How should we do apologetics in light of Romans 1:18-20? (01:20)
6. How can a person cultivate a passion for writing? (01:32)
7. Is it wrong for a Christian comedian to perform with raunchy comedians? (01:43)
8. Ethical dilemma about Japanese marriage ceremony (01:50)

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