First Day of School (September 2, 2014)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: First Day of School (00:00)
Commentary: The Design of Decay (01:00)
Commentary: Head vs. Heart (02:00)
Commentary: “My Sheep Hear My Voice" (02:24)

1. How can he find a church that teaches apologetics? (00:26)
2. Is it okay for someone in chronic pain to pray to be taken to Heaven now? (00:40)
3. How do you respond to Lawrence Krauss’s problem of marriage? (01:13)
4. Does practicing biblical modesty lead to a rape culture? (01:29)
5. Should we have children when so many people end up going to Hell? (01:43)
6. How do you respond to someone who has no reasons for their viewpoint? (02:15)
7. How do you reconcile free will and Calvinism? (02:31)

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Greg Koukl