European Trip Teaching Christians (July 16, 2013)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: European Trip Teaching Christians (00:00:00)
Commentary: Talking with Atheists on Unbelievable (01:00:10)
Commentary: Why Is God Hidden? (02:00:10)

1. What's the difference between believing "in" and believing "that"? (00:25:29)
2. How do you deal with a critic who likes to do a "data dump" and ask you to respond? (00:42:26)
3. How do you deal with anti-intellectualism in the church? (01:19:34)
4. How do you answer the possibility of same-sex couples reproducing? (01:46:16)
5. Is Biblical inerrancy circular reasoning? (02:11:23)
6. How do you answer atheists who quote the Bible to challenge you? (02:25:53)
7. Should we forgive someone who is unrepentant? (02:41:24)
8. How can you tell when something in the Old Testament is metaphorical? (02:51:33)
9. How do you talk with another Christian who disagrees with you? (02:54:55)

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