Does Evolution Explain Morality? (February 10, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Does Evolution Explain Morality? (00:00)
Commentary: Idioms and Interpretation (02:00)

1. Mt. 27:46 Did the godhead split? (00:29)
2. What is a husband’s responsibility to his wife who is divorcing him? (00:45)
3. Explain what Catholics believe about Mary’s perpetual virginity. (01:00)
4. What is your view of the reliability of the biblical manuscript evidence? (01:14)
5. What is your opinion of the modern state of Israel? (01:31)
6. Were the Pharisees and Sadducees resentful of Jesus’ miracles? (01:51)
7. Comments on creation and geology (01:45)
8. How to present creationism in class? (02:12)
9. What is the definition of Christianity? (02:25)
10. Can the inflationary view of time make sense of creation days? (02:38)
11. Should children be baptized? (02:45)

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