Choosing Your Gender (February 17, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Choosing Your Gender (00:00)
Commentary: Gay Reformation in the Church (01:00)

1. What does the Bible teach about women leaders in the church? (00:23)
2. Should a Christian be concerned about working for a company with “Talisman” in the company name? (00:39)
3. How did you manage the adoption process? (00:41)
4. What were the effects of the Fall in an old earth scenario? (01:24)
5. Can God choose not to know something? (01:43)
6. What was the tree of life? (01:52)
7. Was C.S. Lewis an inclusivist? (02:00)
8. What should you ask to know if a child is ready to accept Jesus? (02:19)
9. Should a Christian participate in Pink Shirt Day (in Canada)? (02:39)
10. How can I talk to my pastor about conflict in the church? (02:47)

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