Change of Circumstances or Change of Heart? (January 6, 2015)

Host: Greg Koukl

Commentary: Change of Circumstances or Change of Heart? (00:00)
Commentary: No Resolutions, New Habits (02:00)

1. Does the Reformation affect how we interpret the Bible? (00:23)
2. Is lusting adultery, and if so, is it grounds for divorce? (00:38)
3. What about the new research supporting the “gay gene”? (01:01)
4. What do you think of online ordination to perform a wedding ceremony? (01:24)
5. How do you convince a Roman Catholic that praying to Mary and saints is not Biblical? (01:38)
6. Have you ever witnessed to Dennis Prager? (02:20)
7. Are the standards for elders in the Bible standards to attain or to pursue? (02:39)

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