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Follow the Resurrection Evidence Where It Leads

Greg talks about the evidence for the resurrection, then he answers a question about the atheist objection that morality is subjective in Christianity because it depends on God.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Philosophy | April 19, 2019

Jesus Was Dead, Then Jesus Was Alive

Greg talks about why we should think the resurrection happened, then he takes calls on original sin and women’s roles.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology | April 17, 2019

All Cosmological Views Have Metaphysical Significance

Greg talks about religion and science, then he takes calls on being restored after adultery, Catholicism, explaining the gospel to a person with autism, men having an opinion on abortion, and a CEO taking a position on LGBT issues.
Greg Koukl | Science, Theology, Bio-Ethics, Christianity & Culture | April 12, 2019

Is Divine Command Morality Subjective?

Greg responds to the charge that divine command morality is ethical subjectivism, then he answers questions about the final judgment and how an atheist might refute the moral argument.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Ethics, Theology | April 10, 2019

Do the Fig Tree Passages Contradict Each Other?

Greg responds to the charge that the parallel passages where Jesus curses the fig tree contradict each other, then he answers questions about the definition of atheism, fighting apathy, and addressing when life begins.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Philosophy, Bio-Ethics, Apologetics | April 5, 2019

Waving the Wand of Evolution

Greg talks about a point made by Michael Behe in his new book, Darwin Devolves, then he takes calls on whether God wants us to be rich and Greg’s interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:11–15.
Greg Koukl | Science, Philosophy, Theology | April 3, 2019

Is the Idea of God Incoherent?

Greg talks about a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, then he answers questions about why people go to Hell, a “carrots and sticks” view of Christianity, women as pastors, and Zionism.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology, Apologetics | March 29, 2019

Azusa Reverses Their Position on Same-Sex Relationships Again

Greg talks about Azusa Pacific reversing their ban on same-sex relationships, then he takes questions on Catholicism and tithing.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture, Theology | March 27, 2019

The Upcoming CrossExamined Instructor Academy

Greg talks to Frank Turek about the upcoming CrossExamined Instructor Academy and Peter Boghossian’s definition of atheism, then he takes questions on substance dualism, Catholicism, and Calvinism.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology | March 22, 2019

Peter Boghossian’s Tactics for Atheists

Greg talks about Peter Boghossian’s A Manual for Creating Atheists, then he takes questions about the separation of church and state, whether Christianity has helped black people, and reasons to think the disciples died for their faith.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Christianity & Culture, Theology | March 20, 2019