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Why One Scientist Changed His Mind about Design

Greg talks about a review of Heretic in Salvo Magazine then takes questions on hearing the voice of God, voluntary muscle movements as evidence of free will, and Noah’s ark.
Greg Koukl | Science, Theology, Philosophy | October 12, 2018

Read through the Bible Once a Year

Greg exhorts everyone to read through the Bible once a year then takes questions on communicating the gospel quickly and apologetics books for students.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Apologetics | October 10, 2018

Azusa Reverses Changes to Their Student Conduct Policy

Greg goes through Azusa’s statement reversing a new policy that allowed LGBTQ+ relationships on campus then takes questions on moral standards, whether science is superior to the Bible, cessationism, and more.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture, Philosophy, Science, Theology, Ethics | October 5, 2018

There’s No Evidence for God?

Greg responds to the claim that “there’s no evidence for Christianity” then answers questions about ghosts, arguing civilly, comforting the sick, and materials for teaching conversational apologetics.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology, Christianity & Culture | October 3, 2018

Did We Invent Marriage or Discover It?

Greg talks about the nature of marriage then takes calls on discovering spiritual gifts, whether retirement is biblical, and how to respond to someone who cites an authority you’re not familiar with.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Philosophy | September 28, 2018

Azusa Pacific Decides to Allow LGBTQ+ Relationships on Campus

Greg talks about Azusa Pacific changing their student code of conduct to allow for LGBTQ+ relationships then responds to a challenge against objective values.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture, Philosophy | September 26, 2018

Only the Christian Worldview Box Holds Everything

Greg talks about an interview with Nancy Pearcey in Salvo Magazine then takes questions about the old earth view and whether or not heaven is a physical place.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology, Science | September 19, 2018

Were the Stories about Jesus Copied from Previous Myths?

Greg discusses an article that claims the stories about Jesus were copied from previous myths as he gives tools to help you assess other claims you’ll encounter.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics | September 14, 2018

Tips for Addressing Objections

Greg gives tips for how to respond well to arguments on any topic as he discusses an article challenging the historicity of the Bible.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Philosophy | September 12, 2018

What Do You Think of the Idea of a “Calling”?

Greg takes questions on whether pastors have “callings,” understanding Jesus’ command not to judge, the unpardonable sin, interacting with a group of challengers, and more.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Christianity & Culture | September 7, 2018