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Can Someone Who Embraces a Sinful Lifestyle Be a Christian?

Greg talks about an upcoming dialogue on the Bible and homosexuality then takes calls on penal substitution and how we can know we’re saved.
Greg Koukl | Theology | January 24, 2018

Jesus Wasn’t Just a Moral Teacher

Greg explains why it isn’t reasonable to say Jesus was just a moral teacher, gives an update on Melinda, then answers questions about Paul’s view of mind vs. spirit and warnings against losing salvation.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology | January 19, 2018

Interview: Nancy Pearcey – Love Thy Body

Greg interviews author and apologist Nancy Pearcey on her new book, Love Thy Body, discussing how our secular culture fragments the human person by denying the value and meaning of the body, leading to a cultural divide on numerous social issues.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture, Bio-Ethics, Theology, Philosophy | January 17, 2018

God Takes Off Our Training Wheels for Our Good

Greg talks about how challenges lead to growth, then he answers questions about an analogy in Hebrews, the possible existence of a second judgment, and how to approach conversations with Mormons.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology, Apologetics | January 10, 2018

Make the Most of Your Time in 2018

Greg talks about New Year’s “resolutions” and trends he wants to see in his life this year, then he answers questions about being a godparent if you don’t believe in infant baptism, the grounding for morality, and more.
Greg Koukl | Christianity & Culture, Theology, Philosophy | January 5, 2018

We Are Not Promised Tomorrow

Greg gives an update on Melinda and reflects on the fact that we need to do what’s in front of us today, then he answers questions about Jeremiah 29:11, dating someone who has a different theological view, and more.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Philosophy | January 3, 2018

Jesus Fulfilled the Promise Made to Abraham

Greg talks about how the Old Testament led up to the birth of Jesus then answers questions about avoiding films with pagan elements, evidence for the soul, and more.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Christianity & Culture, Philosophy | December 22, 2017

An Advent Reflection: Don’t Stumble over Jesus

Greg gives an update on Melinda’s condition then talks about how God doesn’t always do things the way we expect and answers questions about spanking and predestination.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Ethics | December 20, 2017

Interview: Greg Ganssle – Our Deepest Desires

Greg interviews Dr. Greg Ganssle, author of Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology | December 15, 2017

The Existence of the Soul

Greg gives an update about Melinda and talks about the existence of the soul then answers questions about all-boys schools and whether or not you can lose your salvation.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology, Christianity & Culture | December 13, 2017