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WWJD? Ask a Question

Would you like to improve your ability to engage others in spiritual conversations? Do what Jesus did 284 times in the Gospels. Find out what that is in this episode.
Alan Shlemon | Miscellaneous | June 2, 2018

Is Abortion No Different Than Taking Someone Off Life Support?

Some abortion-choice advocates claim that abortion is no different than taking someone off life support. Alan explains why that is not the case.
Alan Shlemon | Bio-Ethics | May 28, 2018

Why Is Jesus Necessary?

Alan answers the question why Jesus is necessary by explaining how the Gospel works in non-Christian lingo.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | May 5, 2018

What Do We Do Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal?

Alan discusses how Christians should respond to the recent legal challenges in Australia and the United States.
Alan Shlemon | Christianity & Culture | April 22, 2018

It All Comes Back to God

Alan talks about how every apologetic subject comes back to God and that often times it’s more prudent to discuss God’s existence rather than a secondary issue.
Alan Shlemon | Apologetics, Theology | March 5, 2018

Do our souls continue to develop in heaven?

Alan answers the question of whether our soul continues to develop in heaven and, if so, in what way or capacity.
Alan Shlemon | Theology | February 27, 2018

Apologetics Is Secondary to the Gospel

Alan responds to the challenge that his work is misguided because he cares more about apologetics than the Gospel.
Alan Shlemon | Apologetics | January 31, 2018

Making the Stand to Reason Vision a Reality

Alan explains one of the challenges that ambassadors for Christ will face in 2018.
Alan Shlemon | Christianity & Culture | January 17, 2018

Upholding the Value of Disabled People

Alan describes the significant shift that is occurring in our society that affects how human beings are valued.
Alan Shlemon | Bio-Ethics | November 1, 2017

In the Beginning God…

Alan shows how you can use two simple questions to show that the Christian story of creation is true and reasonable.
Alan Shlemon | Apologetics | October 16, 2017