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The Contrived Conflict between Science and Religion

Greg talks about the conflict people see between science and religion then takes questions on Mormons hearing from God and extreme body modification.
Greg Koukl | Science, Theology, Christianity & Culture, Philosophy | July 18, 2018

#STRask - July 16, 2018

Greg answers questions about the genetic fallacy, proving objective morality, the 70th anniversary of Israel, the inscription on the Liberty Bell, and tips for retaining apologetic information.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology, Christianity & Culture, Apologetics | July 16, 2018

How Do We Know God Is Not a “Cosmic Jerk”?

Greg answers questions on our responsibility to express concern for another’s salvation, Greg’s opinion on the idea of corporate election, and how we can know God is not a “cosmic jerk.”
Greg Koukl | Theology | July 13, 2018

#STRask - July 12, 2018

Greg answers questions about God being timeless and a possible problem with trying to interpret the Bible in light of the author’s intended meaning.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology | July 12, 2018

How Do You Know Jesus Was Perfect?

Greg answers questions about Jesus’ perfection, attending a housewarming for unmarried people, responding to an aggressive challenger, and more.
Greg Koukl | Theology, Christianity & Culture, Philosophy | July 11, 2018

#STRask - July 9, 2018

Greg answers questions about whether the universe needed a cause, Jesus’ response to the woman caught in adultery, and adoption for same-sex couples.
Greg Koukl | Philosophy, Theology | July 9, 2018

Can We Give Evidence for God without Using the Bible?

Greg answers questions about giving evidence for God without using the Bible, resurrected bodies, altar calls, and deciding on a seminary when you’re unsure of your theology.
Greg Koukl | Apologetics, Theology | July 6, 2018

#STRask - July 5, 2018

Greg answers questions about keeping the Sabbath, whether or not God’s wrath is everlasting, and the need for Christians to be careful about following their hearts.
Greg Koukl | Theology | July 5, 2018

What Is a “Personal Relationship with Jesus”?

Greg answers questions on what Jesus meant by “this generation,” what “word of God” in Hebrews 4:12 refers to, and the concept of a “personal relationship with Jesus.”
Greg Koukl | Theology | July 4, 2018

#STRask - July 2, 2018

Greg answers questions about God protecting us from evil, federal taxes going to Planned Parenthood, “predestined” in Ephesians 1:5, and the Apocrypha.
Greg Koukl | Theology | July 2, 2018