When You Sing Christmas Carols, Listen to the Words

Greg talks about Christmas carols then takes calls on the relevance of cosmological issues, sadness in Heaven, talking to a friend about Jesus, responding to people who say we’re Christians because we’re Western, and the New Apostolic Reformation.


  1. Are cosmological/evolution issues really the priority you seem to make them? (11:00)

  2. How can Heaven be perfect for us if any of our loved ones aren’t there? (24:00)

  3. How can I bring up Jesus with my friend without losing her as a friend? (36:00)

  4. How do you respond to people who say we’re only Christians because we were born in this country? (42:00)

  5. What’s your perspective on Bethel Church/the New Apostolic Reformation? (48:00)

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Greg Koukl