Does the Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality Inflame Violence?

Alan responds to the question of whether or not the classical biblical teaching on sexuality causes violence. 



00:05 Doesn't the Christian position that homosexuality is sin inflame violence

00:10 against the LGBT community? Now, there are at least three reasons why I don't think

00:15 this is the case. Here's the first: The view that homosexual behavior is sin has

00:20 been around for like 2,000 years and in fact, much longer if you consider Jewish

00:25 teaching. Has there been 2,000 years of violence against people who engage in

00:29 homosexuality? Now, of course there's obviously been violence against these

00:33 people at times, but the burden of proof would have to be on the people who claim

00:37 it's because of the Christian view that people have attacked homosexuals. You'd

00:43 have to show, for example, that because of Jesus' is teaching on sex and marriage in

00:48 Matthew 15 and 19, for example, that people are committing violence. You can't

00:52 just assert that and think that makes it true. Second, if the Christian position

00:57 that homosexuality is sin inflames violence, why doesn't the Christian

01:01 position on other sexual sins also inflame violence against those sinners?

01:05 Of all the religions out there, Christianity holds that there are many

01:09 people engaged in sin: fornicators, idolators, adulterers, liars, thieves,

01:15 swindlers, you name it. Yet there isn't an epidemic of people out there beating

01:19 other people up because they think the Bible says those people are in sin. And

01:23 third, normal healthy people don't just commit violence against others. Look, I

01:29 mean I hold the Christian position that

01:32 homosexual behaviors is sin, yet I've never committed violence against anyone

01:37 in the LGBT community nor have I ever been tempted to do so. Now, why is that?

01:42 Well you might say, "Well Alan, you know, you're not crazy. You're normal.

01:46 You're a well-adjusted person." Okay, and that's right. Normal healthy people just

01:50 don't commit violence against other people because simply they just think

01:54 they're wrong. Only people who are not mentally healthy do that, which goes to

01:59 show that the Christian view – in itself – does not inflame violence.

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Alan Shlemon