Does Faith Require God to Be Hidden?

There's a notion going around that in order for us to have real faith, God must remain hidden. Greg uses biblical support to respond to this claim.



00:06 There's a fairly popular notion going around that in order to have real faith,

00:12 God must be hidden. This is not just a notion that Christians have. They'll say,

00:19 for example, "If you have all this evidence for God, then where is room for

00:25 faith?" But it also is kind of the way the standard atheists nowadays is

00:30 defining faith. Faith is what you use when you have no reasons, okay? Now look,

00:35 people can define faith however they want for their own purposes, but if

00:40 you're talking about Christian faith, you gotta let Christianity define it, and

00:43 that is not the way the biblical record characterizes faith, that faith only

00:49 works when God is completely hidden. Let me ask you a question.

00:52 Was God hidden when the Red Sea was parted by His power? Was God hidden when

00:59 when there was a pillar of fire that guided the Hebrews by night and a pillar

01:04 of cloud by day? Was God hidden when Jesus was standing there appealing for

01:12 people's trust in Him as Messiah while He worked miracles? Feeding 5,000, raising

01:19 the dead, healing the sick. You know, raising Himself from the dead. I mean,

01:25 these are powerful manifestations of the presence and the

01:31 reality of God that were all the foundations for people's faith. In fact,

01:38 John said that the reason he wrote the entire gospel of John, and you can read

01:42 this in John chapter 20. He said, "Many other signs and wonders," these are

01:47 miracles, "Jesus performed that are not written in

01:51 this book," and He says later, "If all of those had been written they would

01:55 have filled the books of the world, but many other things He performed I haven't

02:00 included in this book but the things that I have included," that is, the

02:03 evidence of the miracles of Jesus, he says, "I've included in order that you

02:09 would believe," that's faith, right? "...that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah

02:17 and in believing have life in His name." There you go. What could be more obvious?

02:27 So when Christians say, "Faith only works when God is hidden," they're not

02:35 understanding the text. When atheists say, "Faith only is legitimate when you have

02:45 no evidence," this is self-serving because this is just a way of pigeonholing

02:50 Christianity and Christian faith as having no evidence because that's the

02:55 way they define faith. It isn't what the book teaches. Look it, reason believes,

03:03 faith trusts. Let me say it again, reason gives us substance to believe that

03:12 something is true. Our faith is an act of trust in that which we have good reason

03:18 to believe is so. That's biblical faith.

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Greg Koukl