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    Answer Like Jesus

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Jun 27, 2019 10:02 PM
    For someone with all the answers, Jesus didn’t always respond directly to challenging questions. Sometimes He answered a question with another question. Sometimes He answered a different question.
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    Atheism and Universal Human Rights

    Web Content Article · By amy k. hall On Jun 27, 2019 8:37 PM
    The purpose of this post is merely to provide clarity rather than to argue for the theist position (see all of STR for those arguments).
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    Jesus Tips the Balance of the Islamic Scale

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Jul 14, 2020 10:46 PM
    If you trust Jesus to be your substitute, meeting God’s standard of perfection is possible. God will cancel your crimes and credit your account with Jesus’ record.
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    How to Respond to the Pro-Choice Compassion Argument

    Web Content Article · By greg koukl On Nov 23, 2021 8:09 PM
    Greg and Amy explain why abortion is not the compassionate option and give advice on how to respond to someone who claims abortion is justified when the woman may suffer as a result of full-term...
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    Biology’s Divorce from Teleology

    Web Content Article · By alan shlemon On Oct 1, 2021 5:49 PM
    The medical community has historically presupposed all human organs were designed to perform a function, but this is now changing, and the implications of this shift are legion.
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